Friday, October 22, 2010

Random Thoughts #23

Things that crossed my mind while wondering if I should become a professional body builder.

1) I'm enumerating my thoughts because 14 is always my goal.  No one has figured out yet why 14 is the number and The Prodigy is exempt from participating.  Also, I'm usually a little Crowned up when I do these and I'm tire of trying to keep track. 

2) Juan Williams was fired from NPR for saying what we all think.  The tolerance of liberals was shown again yesterday.  Just like the hyenas they are, they ate one of their own.

3) Life is good.  In March I had 33 payments left on my truck.  I have 6 now and will pay it off in November.  I'm going to drive the wheels of the Ol Grizwagon.  250,000 is my goal.  They can't "nickle and dime you" when you don't owe any money.

4) Been spending some QT with BG in the last couple of weeks. We've been "on a break" for a few months but I think I'm wearing her down.  We went to a movie last week.  She invited me for lunch today and is going to the last Cat game with me. Been asking for that since we've been dating.  She even called me tonight to chat even though she knows Friday's are for me and the guys. Not getting my hopes up, just saying saying that she might be finally thinking straight.  Another victory for attrition.  Fuck yes.

5) I'm drinking Canadian Mist tonight.  It's a good whiskey.  A little bit of a bite but for $14.95 a litre I wasn't expecting Crown.  I'll give a better review in the morning.  That's really the tell. Do you feel like getting up or not?  Does everything look like you're viewing it through a screen door?  Those are the bench marks I use.  My standards are high as you can tell.

6) Called my brother's kids tonight.  He has a boy and twin girls.  I was talking to Sammi, she said she was Sidney. Sis-in-law says "that was Sammi, she was fucking with you."  Little shits.  Sidney said "Uncle Chip, I'm coming to school in Bozeman and I'm going to live with you."  Makes me a little teary just typing it. Told SIL that it will be cheaper for me to let the kids live in my house and buy a trailer than buy a bigger house.

7) I appreciate all the compliments I'm getting for keeping MCW going.  I'm not the best blogger on the planet and trying to come up with new themes can be a struggle. I think I'm getting better about giving notice.  I want this to run for a while because it's fun and if life hadn't thrown Boxer such a knuckleball I wouldn't be in charge.  That will all get explained at a point. For now just put up with my worthless non-creative ass.  Yes, I'm begging. Hey, I'm no hero.

8) I don't like the Cats' chances for running the table.  Their defense is missing some key players and it was soft underneath before that.  Tomorrow is the season. Win against Northern Colorado and we play the minions of Hell griz for the conference championship.  Lose, and there will be plenty of grumbling.

9) Chef Troll!  I know you are still reading this drivel.  A lot of your devoted followers are wondering where you are. Just give someone a sign.  Let someone know you are doing fine so they can pass the word.  You are the only reason that Pam, Boxer, K9, Buzz, Kym, Moi (sorry if I left anyone out, I'm in "The Mist") know about me.  You are a good man. We like you. For fucksakes PM somebody.

10) This Canadian Mist is a good whiskey.  I like saying "I'm in The Mist"  it has a good ring to it.

11) Just trying to get to twelve.

12) Went to St. Louis last week for a Rams game.  It's a great town. The Arch is fabulous and worth the ride.  The "Museum of the West" is great as well. Drank with Donnie at the bar on 6th and Lucas. His card reads "Liquor Pimp" hard not to like him.

13) Going to the Center of the Universe next week to see my mom and my brother's kids. Going to watch Malta kick ass in football, see the twins and Spencer.  Maybe shoot some guns. Good times all around.

14) Finally. I've had nothing to say all night and this further proves the fact.  I hope you all have a great weekend.  I'm a lucky man. So much to be thankful for and I am thankful for it.

Safe Journeys,

Go Cats,



Pam said...

You are doing a great job with MCW! Has BG gone to Malta with you yet?

Milk River Madman said...

She hasn't> Been offered. Thanks for the compliment on MCW. The shoes to fill are huge.

Buzz Kill said...

3) I haven't had a truck payment since 06 and I like that. I put very little mileage on it, so I expect it to last a while.

7) I know I bust your balls but I like the "Mist" induced themes. Keep 'em coming. And thanks fro giving me weekends to do them.

9) I think the Troll is lurking about. Maybe he'll surface.

I like your numbering system on your random thoughts. Makes it easier to respond to what I want. They're the most organized random thoughts I've ever seen.

K9 said...

hyenas. perfectly put.

Milk River Madman said...

BK, This is quote of the week "They're the most organized random thoughts I've ever seen." I'm still giggling.

K9, they are hyenas. If I was Katie Couric and say "literally, they are hyenas" she misuses "literally" as much as a HS freshman and makes millions.

Milk River Madman said...

Pam, I don't know where my head was Saturday. I've asked BG to go home with me twice. Geesh.