Thursday, October 14, 2010

Global warming is a scam. Always has been, always will be.

Liberals are just a bunch of lying mofo's.  From health care, to the stimulus, to global warming.  Just read this and then try to argue.  Hussein Obama just hates America and will try to destroy us through Cap and Trade. C'mon November 2nd.


Rhacodactylus said...

One scientists personal beliefs do not surmount an overwhelming scientific consensus.

One of the major problems with how news media treats the issue is that they are giving a physicist as much credit as a climatologist. What people don't tend to realize (I figure innocently) is that no matter how many credentials a person has in one field, they are no more apt to have an understanding of another field than anyone off the street.

Many many scientists have destroyed their reputations by speaking out on issues that weren't within their realm of expertise, for instance Linus Pauling, who despite being one of only a handful of individuals to have multiple Nobel Prizes, made a fool of himself by making outlandish claims about medicine.

Similarly, lord Kelvin who was responsible for the first two laws of thermodynamics misjudged the age of the earth by billions of years because he was not a geologist.

A physicist's area of expertise is physics, not climate change, the article might as well say Joe from the jiffy lube doesn't believe in climate change, at best he would be more familiar with the statistics involved in analysis, but that's about it.


Milk River Madman said...

Its fake science based on models with no real proof that we are the direct reason for global warming.

Also, the just of this is that it's about the money, something I've been contending for years.

Isn't it also true that some of the leaders of this movement were preaching global cooling in the 1970's.

Its not even close to an exact science. Keep drilling, digging and leaving your thermostats whereever you are comfortable.