Tuesday, June 15, 2010

grizzlies going to Division I-A? Who really cares.

So as there is every week on BobcatNation, a intelligent and meaningful discussion was interrupted by grizzly fans who have nothing to do but peruse and interject their barely coherent sentences in to the argument.  This week they are talking about how the university of Montana should move up a level in football.  I say GTFO of the Big Sky and don't let the door hit you in the ass.  As far as adding any intelligence to the argument, I chose the low road with this comment

"Yup. Boise did it. They moved up and have been successful. How about Idaho? UNR? Meh, not so much. Marshall had an OK run but they will never compete for a championship. If the UM wants to move up let them. They will sell out for a couple of years but after going 6-5, or 3-8 or whatever, their fan base will dwindle. Not a lot but some. Even if they have a 9-2 or 10-1 season, they will never be in contention for, as the fizz fans love to say, "The Chipper." Let em join. They will be barely above average at best in a good year and mediocre more often than not. Our stadium will sell out as we take over dominance in the BSC from our non-showering friends at the liberal arts school. We will expand and add to our championships.

Don't the the door hit you on the a$$ on your way out.

Drunk on delusion is no match for being drunk on Crown Royal. Let's see how many people drive from Wolf Point to Missoula to watch them get beat by BSU or barely win against Hawaii. Especially with 1/2 as many Montana kids on the team. Oh, and recruiting? Good luck with that. Getting borderline kids to play in Smogville because they can play almost immediately and be in "The Chipper" is a lot easier than getting them to come there and play for an outside chance of maybe playing in the Rubbermaid/Kohler Plunger Toilet Bowl in Sheboygan in December.

I can just hear the arrogance of the fan base when we are dominating the BSC and FCS. "You wouldn't be doing that if we were still there." Maybe. Maybe not. No one put a gun to your hippy head. Be careful what you wish for.

So good luck in the WAC. Let me know how that turns out for you. I'll be around at least another 40 years. Oh and if it happens. I can hardly wait for Bobby Hauck to come back to Missoula and stick right up the old you know what to all the grizzly faithful who helped run him out of town. Hell, I'll come to the land of blacklung to watch that one."
I'm guessing this will be moved from the regular board to the "smack" section before I'm done putting it up here.


Unknown said...

Well I'm sure MSU and everyone else in the BSC not named Montana would be tickled pink if the Griz left. :-)

I guess you could count me a member of the move-up crowd. I haven't been in this corner until recently. Most importantly, I think it's going to near impossible to schedule logical I-AA opponents in the near future. If the FCS loses three or four of UM, MSU, Sac, PSU, UCD, CP, ISU, NAU, or EWU through conference realignment or attrition it's going to get real scary real fast.

Milk River Madman said...

I don't think that's going to happen. As far as the FCS losing of the schools mentioned. While I don't argue the logic of moving up, its the amount of success that some, and more than a few, in your corner think is attainable almost instantly. It's going to be a long row to hoe. Good to hear from you James my friend. I was glad to hear you are doing well in the email you sent.

Heff said...

Let me know when Movie Clip Wednesday involves "Best Female Nudity", lol !


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