Monday, March 16, 2009

Tuesday Tunes 3/17/09

I'm back from vacation. Here's a breakdown of my stay in Sin City. My plane landed at 10:50 AM Sunday. Ralph's plane landed at 11:30 AM. We left the airport at 4 PM and it wasn't because we couldn't find a ride.

It was a good time. I only lost about $100 gambling. Thank God the Bobcats played so great in the Big Sky tourney last week. I won on them twice. Wayda cover 'Cats.

This week's playlist is a tribute to the 51st state. You all know it as Canada. Yes, our beloved liberals of the north have actually put out some pretty good music. Hey, when you don't have to have an army, navy, air force etc., because your big brother to the south is the baddest MF on the planet, I guess you can pump out some good musical talent.

I left Rush off this list. Why? Because they suck, that's why.

I doubled up on Burton Cummings because I like him a lot. If you get a chance, see if you can find a copy of the movie "Melanie". It's a chick flick with Glynnis O'Connor and Burton but still pretty good. I also double on Barenaked Ladies because I like both of those songs.

Alanis Morissette sings "Thank You". Her second album was not near as angry. I guess all that money made up for her getting burned by that dipshit from "Fullhouse".

Lastly, this music is dedicated to The Big 8, CHAB in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan. Its the radio station I grew up listening to and it introduced me to all of these great bands and artists.

I cried when Terry Fox died. So did the DJ on CHAB when he broke in to tell the story.

Here's the playlist. Enjoy.

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