Thursday, April 25, 2013

Random thoughts from the 44th state

Things that crossed my mind while I have nothing else to do. Unemployed.  On the soup line. Nobody knows the trouble I'm in, nobody knows my sorrow. Actually, the opening line I've had in my head for awhile now is, things that crossed my mind while wondering what the guy in "Tie a Yellow Ribbon" was in the joint for.  It was three long years and his gal waited for him.  What did he get busted for?  Break and entering? Petty larceny?  It's a good question.  I didn't google the answer, I'll leave that up to my devoted followers.

1) I need to change my heading to "Located 360 miles due south of the Center of the Universe" but don't think I have the skills on the new blogger.

2) As stated in Random thoughts #26, The Prodigy arranged a trip for us to go to Augusta and watch The Masters.  It was awesome.  The golf course is like none I've have ever seen.  The trip was fabulous.  I downloaded the Augusta weather and packed accordingly.  Unfortunately it was Augusta, Maine.  I bought a pair of souvenir shorts at the pro shop for $75 as I didn't pack any.  It was about $45 over my maximum for that type of apparel but it was also 88.  Stupid Iphone.

3) Been in Wyoming for just over a month.  No job yet but I had planned on taking the summer off anyway unless something shows up.  TP has a job for my in Sheridan to get me by for "walking around money" so that is my fall back.

4) I'm exhausted.  I spent the majority of the day in BRM's garage cleaning her tools.  She was married to a farmer who passed several years ago and the tools have been sitting since she sold the farm.  Soaked them in white vinegar and scrubbed the rust off.  Over 80 screwdrivers.  Then to make matters worse I chipped golf balls for two hours.  It's a rough life I'm leading.

5) Heading to Vegas tomorrow with BRM and her sister and brother-in-law to meet the third and final sister. Will have to bring my "A" game.  Was in Vegas in February while I was still employed and will be going back in June as me and the guys from Malta are having a gathering to celebrate all of us turning 50.  You all are invited as well.  Vegas in June should be splendid.  Probably only 100 or so.

6) Spending a day in Augusta was awesome.  It is a well oiled machine and the service is first rate.  Throughout the course of the day nature does call.  I entered the restroom.  One of the young men working there looked at me "Do you need a stall sir?" "Yes please" I replied. "One moment while I disinfect it for you."  He entered with a roll of paper towels and a spray bottle.  "Every patron gets a clean seat" he said.  That's service.  It's also probably an entry level position I'm guessing.

7) I can't figure out how to get pictures from my Ipad to post but am working on it. Apple technology is great but I do have my struggles.

8) I miss Bozeman.  Especially on Friday nights.  That's the big one.  Meeting the same people for Friday drinks for 15 years is a hard one.  Such great, wonderful people.  Devoted followers but better friends.

9) I don't want to talk about Boston right now only to say that I don't like the statements coming from the White House. A horrific act and my heart goes out to the victims.

10) I hurt my elbow moving.  I don't know what I did but it has a twinge of pain sometimes when I'm lifting something.  Fortunately it doesn't affect my golf swing so I can live with it.

11) I had to register my truck in Wyoming. It was hard removing my commerative MSU plates but I can always personalize my Wyoming plates for MSU.

12) BRM and I spent a week in Arizona visiting our mothers.  Played some golf.  My mother had not met her yet and her husband told me I "can quit fishing" so she must have made a good impression.

13) We live ten miles out in the country. It's awesome.  BRM kept a few acres and the house when she sold the farm to her son-in-law.  Peaceful.  It is drag when you need something and have to drive ten miles to town but it makes you plan better.

14) The Ipad is not my favorite for blogging.  It gets to the bottom of the page and I can't see what the hell I am typing.  Just a glitch I supposed but as my typing skills are limited it makes it difficult.  Have a great weekend.

Safe journeys,

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rr256 said...

#2 iPad or pilot error?
#4 Entry-level position at Augusta equals full-ride golf scholarship. Not bad for pre-cleaning your seat. I hope you put the tab on the Underhill account along with some shirts and a pimento cheese sandwich
#6 Exhausted? Augusta, Arizona, Vegas... Prince Harry this week was also complaining.
#10 Elbow? Wasn't that your same excuse for not having a beer earlier? :-)

Glad life is good. Good to see you blogging again.

Remember, work is the bane of the drinking man (WC Fields).