Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Random thoughts #26

Things that crossed my mind while wondering what the guy in "Tie A Yellow Ribbon" did time for.  He was in the joint for three long years. What did he do? It was the early 70's and what did three years get you back then? Grand theft was still probably 20 years. So what was it? On with the random   thoughts.

1) The Rolling Stones are not even close the greatest band ever. This foolish talk should end now. They aren't even in the top five British bands. Those are:The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, The Who, Queen and The Kinks.  The Stones are about 23rd. I'm sure I can come with 17 bands better than the Stones. FRom 5 to 23 I mean.  The Sex Pistols immediately come to mind.

2) Of the last statement, the debate for number one starts and ends with The Beatles.  All other arguments are null and void. Don't try to make them for anyone else. It isn't going to happen. Cease!!

3) Of the American bands the title belongs to The Doors.  Please don't tell me it is The Eagles. Don Henley would sell his would to Satan to be as good a song writer and singer as Jim Morrison. For the record, The Eagles don't make the top five either. Yawn.

4) I could really get used to not working.  I am not one of those guys who if I won the lottery would wonder what I would do with the money. Quitting my job would be the first thing.  Hell, I quit my job two weeks ago without the lottery.  Now it is my goal to win it. I guess you have to play which is something I don't do.  I think playing increasing your odds.

5) The move to Wyoming was well planned.  I saved money until I hit my number. As I stated, Titan was given the chance to retain me.  I did not present it as an ultimatum. Quite the opposite, I asked if they would entertain the possibility of my leaving. As stated they declined so I left.  Was going anyway with or without them.

6) So I stopped in Bridger, MT for lunch today and was watching some trial of a woman who killed her boyfriend.  She stabbed him 27 times, shot him twice and slit his throat and is claiming self defense.  Really? 27 times? And then shot him twice AND slit his throat? If she gets off then there are a lot of women in prison who need re-trials.  I mean, every episodes of "Wives with Knives" has them going to the joint for life.  One stripper only stabbed a guy once and he almost lived. 27 times? Self defense? I'm not the sharpest knife in the drawer (see what I did there) but if you needed 27 stabs and two shots to the head and had to slit his throat for good measure, I'm not thinking self defense here. But I'm old fashioned.

7) BRM can out shoot me. And we watch a lot of ID. Not sure when I'm moving my life insurance policy to her name.  Just sayin.

8) I turned almost four weeks ago this Friday.  Not feeling it that much.  Until tonight when I was starting my snowmobile for a guy who is interested in buying it.  I think I pulled a hamstring and some tendon in my elbow.

9) Leaving Bozeman will be hard but not near as hard as leaving my dad was 25 years ago. I made it through that.

10) Here's how cool BRM is, for Valentines Day she brought me a bouquet of mini Crowns and cigars. How can I not love her? For my birthday, which was February 8th, she bought me a new golf bag.  Not just any bag but a MSU Bobcat golf bag.  I never hinted once that I wanted one though I did badly.  Just an absolute doll.

11) I'm posting on my Ipad.  Yeah, I'm an Apple guy now. BRM (she is called that because she lives on the Bighorn River. I asked if she should be called that or "The Realtor" because that is what she does.  The consensus (from Karl) was BRM.  Thanks to Karl for continuing to read the drivel.

12) The Prodigy and I have watched The Masters golf tournament together for 17 years running. This year we are going. I'm out of work and not destitute but going to Augusta!!

13) Saying I won't miss Bozeman would be a lie but this is a decision that I put the most thought into since I left Malta. No regrets at all. It is what I want to do.  Life is full of surprises. If I wasn't such a shitty blogger, all of you would have known about BRM months ago. Like I said, I have a plan and it is a good one..

14) It's been fun catching up with all of you. I wish you all the best. The Crown on the Rocks blog revival has begun.  Let's see what the rest of you have.

Safe Journeys,



Uncle Scooty said...

Thanks for the update. Looking for more frequent posts, now that you're not a neighbor. While I will not be unemployed, I will be turning in my resignation today to the company I've worked for for 28 years. I am buying a local business - perhaps you started a revolution!

Anonymous said...
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pam said...

So glad to hear your update! BRM and MRM sittin' in a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g ... sorry, had to tease a bit.

Absolutely so happy for you on this move. A man moved halfway around the world for me, so I think MT to WY isn't a big deal. Jobs come and go, women who get your Bobcat obsession maybe not.

Milk River Madman said...

Thank you Pam. The "obession" comment is more than funny as she is all in for the Bobcats. Probably swayed me some.