Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Not a "Random Thoughts" just a few

I need Plexiglass. Lots of it. Anyone know somebody?

If you have a room temperature IQ and have been alive for more than 20 minutes, why would you vote for Barry?

I will release my college transcripts to anyone (graduated with honors with a 3.47) why won't our president? Was he that bad of a student or is there something else? Queer that.

I figured out my driver two weeks ago. Hitting it 270 ( at altitude ) and scoring great. I still can't hit it as far as I could my old Persimmons three wood in college but, oh well.

There is a light on the horizon. More on that later. When I've had a couple. Or more than that.

My Cincinnati Reds are in first place and going to the playoffs. My tattoo is really paying off. Just sayin.

I bought a new temperpedic (sp?) if you don't have one, get one. With the full options.

I grew a goatee. Had one for ten years and then shaved it off in 2006. Grew it back this year. Lots of gray. Lots and lots of gray. Probably going to shave it off soon.

A haiku for Troll ( who never stops by, who can blame him )

Poured another one
Aunty Belle stopped to visit
Will anyone else

Safe Journeys,


1 comment:

Karl said...

Good afternoon MRM,

I would think an e-mail to Boxer might solve your Plexiglas problem. I don't know anyone more qualified.

The net losers will vote for Barry and the net gainers will vote for Mitt.

A good razor goes along way toward keeping men of our age looking younger.

Good to see things are well. Take care.