Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Catching up with a good friend

Big Sky Fly Guy is a friend of mine from years past.  We played pool together for 5 or 6 years.  Then he got married, quit playing pool and we fell out of touch.  The last time I ran into him was at the grocery store. I posted in May that I was switching to VO. BSFG's response was "When can we expect to see the first Blog at 'VO on the rocks?'

My response to him was"Great question BSFG. How about when you have your third child? Or when you can come over for a drink? My money is on the third kid. Just sayin."

Well I forgot he had his third child two years ago. So I suppose I have to change it now. Maybe.

Anyway, BSFG texts me on Sunday and asks if I would like to have a drink this week.  I was on the road and didn't commit until yesterday.  We met up tonight.  The kid is awesome.  He has a great wife.  A great job that he excels at, and as mentioned, three kids.

I get to Boxers and we get right into conversation.  He's a talker like me.  One of the many reasons I like him. Too make a long story short, he brings up his Grandpa.

"My Grandpa lost his license two years ago. Almost T-boned a semi."

His Grandpa lives in Conrad. Home of Jim Schlosser who I beat for the divisional wrestling title in 1981.

"So Grandpa goes into the DMV every week to take is test to get his license back.  They won't let him take it.  They keep telling him 'you lost your license, you can't get it back."

His Grandpa is 87.  Was at Bikini Island when they were testing nukes. He's been around the block.

"So, Grandpa catches a ride with this guy to Great Falls (about 80 miles from Conrad) has this guy drop him off at a car dealership.  He goes in, tests drives a car.  Young salesman lets him buy it. Grandpa strokes him a check, shows him a state ID and the guy lets him drive off with it. He gets back to Conrad, is driving down main street and meets my uncle.  My uncle looks over and sees his dad driving a car! 

He calls my dad "do you know who I just saw driving a car?'" BSFG's dad "no" his uncle "DAD!"  "Where are you" "I'm following him!"

They get Grandpa rounded up. They tell him he can't drive anymore.

Grandpa "Well, I want to keep the car."

BSFG's Dad "we'll keep it in my garage"  BSFG's dad lives in Choteau, about 100 miles from Conrad.

Grandpa "Well, I don't like that idea."

You have to love this old codger.

BSFG's dad drives to Conrad once a week to pick up his father and take him to Augusta for beers with his buds.  It's an all day ordeal as Augusta is 20 miles south of Choteau. Oh, quit being pissed at me for telling you all these towns and just google a map of Montana for christsakes.

The best part of the story is that BSFG is sitting with his Grandpa after this. Grandpa says "I still have one more trick for those two boys."

BSFG "Tell me what it is Grandpa."

Grandpa "I won't tell you a thing you little rat.  You'll tell them."

BSFG "No I won't honest"

Grandpa " they'll just have to see what it is"

My response "I hope it starts with 'Aloha"

BSFG, I hope I wrote this as well as you told it.  It's a great story.  Driving is such an American thing. As we get older, all of us will hate to finally have to give that up.

Bobcat games are in our future.  Glad you asked me out. Makes plans for the LBOH. 

I left my sonecair toothbrush in Billings.  I am so pissed.

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Ralph said...

Great story Chip. I cant wait for the followup to see what he had in store for them. Too funny!