Saturday, February 11, 2012

In memory

The Prodigy just called to me to tell me that Whitney Houston died.  I loved Whitney.  Her voice, her beauty.  I remember the first time I heard "Saving All My Love" on VH1.  I went out and bought her debut album. The love affair was born. I know I'm a Diane Lane guy, but Whitney was right there for years. My friend Sally Jane bought me a Whitney calendar for my birthday one year and I never took it down. When TP was living with me, he remarked that it was out of date and he commented on it again tonight.

When she married Bobby Brown I knew the downward spiral was about to begin. She never made anything worth listening to after that.

She was so beautiful and her voice was amazing.

I just posted about turning 49 and how it isn't old. Whitney was 48.

Here's a few of my favorites.

Saving All My Love

Didn't We Almost Have It All

I Will Always Love You


Pam said...

This makes me so sad. What a waste. What a waste, what a waste. Kymmie used to have a Whitney poster when she was little -- the How Will I Know outfit. You two have something in common, ha.

Milk River Madman said...

It is a waste. I loved Whitney back in the day. So sad. I know that the pressure of her performing tonight made her go over the edge. So sad. What a powerful voice.

Buzz Kill said...

She was totally hot in The Bodyguard and had a great voice. That was 20 years ago and she had perfect skin. Then you look at all of her crack pictures and wonder how things might have been different for her is she hadn't married Bobby Brown. The real surprise is that she made it to 48.

fishy said...

I will never understand why the Bobby Brown Bad Boy Types always , always trophy hunt the good girls on their search and destroy missions.