Thursday, May 13, 2010

Random thoughts #19

Things that crossed my mind while wondering how I was so lucky to have such a great dog.  She's on her last legs I'm afraid.  She's 15. It's been a good run but think the end is coming.

I finished season three of "24" last night. I loved the first season. The second wasn't bad. Season three is the worst at this point. The reason: David Palmer. He's the worst president in American history, real or fiction. While we're on the subject, is it just me or is Barack doing is best to emulate a fictional president? Whenever President Palmer is giving a speech, at a press conference, etc. he reminds me of Barry. Coincidence? I THINK NOT!! Makes me have even less respect for him, Barry that is,  not that I had a lot to begin with.

I love how democrats, who are more than half responsible for our economic woes, still blame everyone but themselves. Yes, what Goldman-Sachs did was wrong, but isn't it more than the pot/kettle argument for them to be accusing anyone of being unethical? What's worse are the people who are actually taking the side of the politicians. Get a clue.

Ford sales are through the roof.  Hmmmmm. Wonder if there is any coincidence between their first quarter sales and the fact that Ford never took any bail out money?

Here's an idea.  Let's temporarily deputize all the unemployed citizens in Southern Cal, AZ, NM and Texas.  We can give them the buses that mayor dumbass didn't use in New Orleans and they can start driving the illegals back to Mexico.  Or, start building a concrete wall 14 feet high from CA to Texas.  When they get to Texas, the move north 15 feet and build another one back to CA.  This will employ lots of people and help secure the border at the same time.  How about using some stimulus money on that.

I'm not a huge Rush Limbaugh fan but do listen to him a couple of times a week now that Fox Sports Radio didn't renew Steve Czaban's contract. Anyway, I was listening to Rush a couple of years ago and he was going through this list of life's certainties.  I don't remember much of the list except that he said that love is the one emotion you can't control.  You can control them all, according to him, but not love. Whether or not you agree with his political view  I think he's pretty accurate on that point.

Few things are as cool as putting on a clean pair of pants and finding a five dollar bill in your pocket.

BG wanted me to finish my story about losing 17 pounds but I'm not in that creative a mood tonight.  My old dog is weighing to heavy on my mind. It's kind of scattered so finishing this random thoughts will be better than writing a shitty ending to a pretty good story. In my humble opinion that is.

I forgot to call my brother Bill on his birthday Monday.  Called him Wednesday.  It's a big disappointment for me because I'm great with dates and numbers. Sorry Bill.

Golf league was fun tonight.  Our team has been together for 12 years.  Its really the only time I get to see one of the guys on my team.  EJ and I refer to Double T as our "summer friend" as its the only time we really get to spend time with him.  He is one funny MoFo and he was on his game tonight.  Not his golf game.  Guy played the worse golf I've ever seen him play.  When the guys on my team are looking to me to make the shot, we are in deep troulble.  Just sayin.  And not happy to say it.

My little sister has been living with me since January.  When she asked if she could move in, I was kind of reluctant to say yes.  I like having my house to myself.  She isn't a blood sister.  I grew up working for her parents on their ranch and they all but adopted me.  I introduce her as my sister and  she does the same.  Hell, her parents introduce me as their son.  What her folks did for me and my life is why I let her move in.  I wouldn't be where I am in my life without them.  I couldnt' say no.  Anyway, having her here has been awesome.  I told her the other night that until further notice she can stay as long as she wants.

It was 55 degrees tonight.  That might seem cool for a lot of you but there wasn't a breath of wind and lots of sunshine. The nicest eveing we've had in a month.

Safe journeys to all.


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