Thursday, September 3, 2009

Two Days Til Kickoff!!

At long last, it's time to write about college football. The Fighting Bobcats of Montana State University travel to the two part state of Michigan to play the MSU Spartans. The Spartans are ranked just outside the top 25 in the pres-season polls as are the Bobcats in I-AA. The Spartans are in for a bit of a scrap I'm afraid. We played Minnesota tough as hell last year and Texas A&M tough the year before that. These guys are intimidated by the big noisy crowds. Oh, yeah, and we need the money. Look for a great game by Buchanan candidate Dane Fletcher as well as Brad Smith and Jody Owens . I also think that we are going to rush for 100 yards and that Denarius McGhee from Trinity High School in Texas will turn some heads when he gets a chance to play. While we are big enough on offense to hang with these guys, in the end their speed will make the difference. I can't believe I bet Lungdart $20 straight up on this game.

Some of the Spartan faithful. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Meanwhile in Southbend, Coach Lardbelly has once again been given one of the easiest schedules in all of college football. While I don't think they can win seven games, my friend and college football guru Wit the Wizard (WTW),says the Goldenhomos are good for nine. Nine! It almost makes me puke in my mouth. He also says that if Charlie doesn't win at least 8, he is out of a job. That would suck. WTW also says that Chucky aka Jon Gruden is already being rumored to take over the job. I will admit that a Gruden coached Irish team would be something to fear. Unlike a Weiss coached one. The only thing people are afraid of is seeing Charlie at the all you can eat buffet.

Coach Weiss at last week's press conference.

Just west of Bozeman about 200 miles is a liberal arts school that has a decent football program. Yes the dark pink and gray will suit it up as well this weekend against some NAIA program on the downswing. Coach Bobbie Hackaloogie has to keep padding his win stats. Doesn't want to get exposed for being a chop of a coach. I only have two favorite teams. The Bobcats and whoever is playing the grizzlies. Like the guy says, "I wouldn't root for the grizzlies if they were playing Iraq". The game to watch this year will be the the grizzlies and Cal-Poly. Cal Poly has a score to settle after the griz backed into a win last year. It's um's homecoming as well. In the meantime, we will quietly be making a run of our own, setting up for a conference title battle in the 109th Brawl of the Wild game this November. Bobcat Stadium is where grizzly title hopes go to die.

The admissions director at um.

I don't know how the Malta Mustangs are going to be. The should win their district but the chances of them competing for a state title this year is not that good. Only expect them to make it to the quarterfinals for like the 15th time in 16 years. Who knows though, they may sneak one out.


kmwthay said...

Can I just say that I was disgusted when I saw ND's schedule? Maybe they are trying to make it as easy as possible for them to win so Jaba doesn't look bad yet another year! Seriously, how can a schedule like that still be considered D1? (Scratching my head.)

I'll tell you this; I don't know how the ND fans are allowing Charlie to remain the coach? Why are they not demanding his ejection?

Heck, Bob Stoops would come under heavy ridicule with a 9-3 season. And I could pretty much guarantee that if it happened 2 years in a row, he would probably be seeking employment elsewhere.

But! I am curious to see if Mich. is going to have a better season than the last two. I will continue to smirk with each embarrassing loss.

TROLL Y2K said...

The Bobcats should play the Gators. Be a HUGE Payday for the School. Charleston Southern is getting 450K guaranteed. More than they made the last 2 years. The Bobcats would prolly get even more $$. And it would give you an excuse to visit Troll County.

Some douchebag sportswriter who obviously never played the game in his life was ranting about Charleston's players having "nightmares for years" by playing the Gators.

That's absurd. Good for the School and good for the players.

Milk River Madman said...

Troll, we played the Gators when i was in college. Around 1989 I think. I know Emmit was on the team. We are getting $450K to play the spartans.