Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Top Chef Week #4

Some chef everyone is supposed to know is on blah, blah, blah. Quick fire is to make something with snails. Winner gets elimination, loser goes home. Hmmm. That's never happened before now. Lots of pressure.

Winna, winna, chicken dinna!! Kevin takes the challenge but Jennifer is in the top again. She is going to be tough to beat. The bottom three dishes are all women and no man has been sent home yet. The three losers are going to have 20 minutes to make another dish. Its a walk off .
Jessie, take your tattooed breasts, pierced eyes, lips, ears and God only knows what else and hit the road. I'm not lying. I was rooting for Ashley to be gone. One more week of her matted hair. My brother uses the "f" word a lot. He's a welder and has his own shop and sometimes his fingers get in the way so he has an excuse. Saying "f*ck" because you can't find a sauce pan in a kitchen full of them, well, that's pushing it for me.

Jennifer is the only woman who can hang with the men at this point. They get to pick partners, cooking a sauce and a protein. I need a beer at this point. Ashley is cooking with Matin, who could out cook her drunk. I hope she doesn't fuck up. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. See? THAT'S proper usage.

Too many teams to name. Not to sound like a sexist bastard, which I am quite capable of doing, but if you have a chick on your team that isn't Jennifer, I would be worried.

Meals have been served and at this point I'm not feeling good for Hector and Ash. A man may be home by nights end. Lot's of frenchmen at the table. Careful boys, thems napkins, not surrender flags.

Jennifer, the whatchamacallem brothers, and Jersey Mike are in the winners group and Brian wins his second challenge.

Judgement time for the bottom tier. Matin and Ashley (gosh WHO saw that coming?) Hector and Ash. Nostradamus, paging Mr. Nostradamus. Commercial for the suspense. I'm saying that Hector hits the road. He's screwed up on beef twice now. Beef! C'mon man. People are cooking with rabbit for God's sake and they're kicking your ass! Pick it up a notch. Commercial is over and Hector is hitting the bricks. I liked him and I'd eat at his joint if I could. Vaya con dios Hector.

I like that they sent two people home this week. Keep doing that til Ashley is gone. Lord knows I don't ask for much.


Pam said...

Great synopsis and now I don't have to watch the dvr version! I watched the quick fire and the had other work to do! Yep, that girl needs to go for sure.

Milk River Madman said...

I'm sorry. I'm a spoiler. I'm going to stop doing that though. You still need to watch the DVR version, just for the part where Matin throws Ashley under the bus. Classic French move.

TROLL Y2K said...

Grrherhahahhaha. Good review. I don't think either of us has a shot at the Ambassador to France gig.

McBritt said...

Top Chef Spotted:
Down MRM!!! Not Padma!

Tom Colicchio walking on West 17th Street. He was either heading to or coming from the gym. Or visiting Bobby Flay's place on Fifth and 16th.

He must wear lifts on the show cuz he was not much taller than me.