Thursday, September 24, 2009

Cats vs UNC

Well the home opener for the Bobcats was a check in the win column. It was more of a struggle for the Cats than it should have been. The Cats turned it over four times and hung on for a 23-20 victory. The biggest negative from the game is this. Three step drop or no three step drop, the Cats seldom pressured the quarterback. When you get lit up for 400 yards by a D-II quarterback, I'm not ready to take excuses as to why to easily. The good news is that the Cats turned it over four times and the game was never really in doubt. Dixie scored with 30 seconds left to make it 23-20 so it wasn't quite as close as the score indicated. A win is a win but but there is no way they win against anyone in the Big Sky if they don't play better defense.

The other good news is that a lot of young players saw plenty of action. If they can shore up the press coverage on the corners and get some pressure on the QB they could be pretty good.

The best part of the day was sitting on the deck of athletic director Peter Fields' box and drinking his ice cold beers. Jan Stenerud was in the box as well. On of the good guys in the NFL. Whats that you say? You didn't know he was a graduate of MSU? Read is biography. Its pretty cool. By the way, he is in the FREAKIN NFL HALL OF FAME!!!!! How many griz are in the hall of fame? About as many teeth as are in a chicken's mouth.

(L to R) MSU grad former Bobcat great and NFL Hall of Famer Jan Stenerud, MRM, and Bob T.

In the land of the dark pink, the griz travel to Flagstaff to take on Northern Arizona. I'm going to DVR this game but really I don't know why. There is something about NAU and how they just make a mess in their pants when they play the griz. I don't think this year will be any different. The griz played alright against a mediocre Portland State team in missoula last week. Recent history suggests that the griz win this in a walk. Makes me almost puke in my mouth.

Roberta Hauckaloogie would have made a great Nazi. Hitler would have loved this guy.

So the goldenhomos of Notre Dame backed into a win at home last week against Michigan State. Remember, the Spartans beat the Bobcats in East Lansing. If you think for two minutes if the Irish could come to Bozeman and get away with a win, you are sadly mistaken. Poor coaching by the Spartans down the stretch cost them a victory in South Bend. This after Michigan totally dominated the Irish in Ann Arbor the week before. ND is now 2-1. Here is how they finish. 9-3 at the best and they could still easily go 6-6. They gave up 68 points the last two weeks and still have to play USC, WA and Stanford all off which have more speed and better coaching than the Irish. Boston College has given them fits the last few years as have Navy and Pitt. Combine this with the fact that Charlie Weiss sucks and well, you just don't get your hopes up if your an Irish fan. If Weiss was a non-Caucasian, he'd be fired by now. They will probably beat Purdue this week but I say they still give up 24 points. Be careful though, this could be a trap game. Purdue played Oregon tough on the road before wetting themselves against Northern Illinois. It depends on which Purdue team shows up. If we get lucky and Purdue can pull this out, it could be the start of a 4 game losing streak for the Irish. Keep your fingers crossed.

Charlie Weiss reacts to his week two loss against Michigan.

Malta crushed Colstrip at homecoming for the Mustangs this past Friday 26-0. This team is young and probably won't make a deep playoff run, but they do have the potential to ruin a season for a team or two.

Lets look at a couple of NFL players before we go. First there's Brady Quinn. Has an outstanding QB rating of 66.9. That puts him 27th out of 32 in the NFL. Pretty lofty company there Brady. Way to live up to the hype. At his current rate, he will throw 8 touchdowns and 16 interceptions this year. I'm sold on this guy. Dust off a place for him in Canton right now.

Bret Assclown in Minnesota hasn't thrown a pick yet. Hmmmmm. Childress must really have something on Favre to keep him this reined in. Of course when you're shot putting the ball five yards on screen plays, its tough to throw a pick. Minnesota hasn't played anyone of note yet but look for Farve to try to turn it loose this Sunday against a tough 49er team. His ego will not let him sit idly by and let Adrian Peterson be the hero. Not for one second. He is ready to show us all that he "can still play" and that "no one has more fun out there". I can hardly wait for him to screw over the Vikings. It will be the highlight of the season.


TROLL Y2K said...

After seeing Notre Dame receiver Golden Tate take a flying leap at Michigan State's Marching Band, I'm on the verge of detesting ND as much as you do.

Classless move. If I was their Coach:

1) Make him run laps until he pukes right after the game.

2) Investigate and evaluate what kind of a punk he is generally.

3) If this was his first punk act, one game suspension.

4) If he has a history of punk, revoke his Scholarship.

Quick story that might make you hate Steve Spurrier less.

The team he inherited had ONE returning All-SEC player and ONE Quarterback who'd ever taken a snap.

Before the first practice he kicked ALL-SEC off the team and suspended the QB for the first 4 games. The former for beating up a Freshman. The latter for filling out an NCAA Tourney bracket.

THAT is how you send a message and begin to rebuild a program.

Milk River Madman said...

CT, I don't totally hate Spurrier. He is a cocky SOB but I do have a lot of respect for his coaching abilities. I'll never understand why he left FL but he has balls that clank to put his rep on the line for taking over SC. I guess as a Bama fan I got tired of getting beat all the time by The Ol Ball Coach. Let me put it like this, I'll never root for ND. Even if they played the u of m grizzlies (its a no win for me) but I do root for SC and did root for UF when Spurrier was there depending upon who they played.

TROLL Y2K said...


Oh. Okay, I must have confused you with a Spurrier hater.

He left because:

1) His Salary was Maxed-Out by State Law.

2) The Skins threw BIG dollars his way.

3) He had back-surgery and thought (wrongly) he could handle an NFL work-load without pain meds.

Milk River Madman said...


I mock Spurrier whenever I get the chance because I enjoy it and even when I root for him if his team loses I don't get to worked up about it. Probably not hate. Butte Girl says that I can be very obnoxious, which I can be so that's probably where you came up with that. No worries.

rakeback said...

I have been a lifelong Notre Dame fan and its really disappointing to see how far they have dropped in recent years. They need to hire a top-tier coach and get this thing turned around. Weiss has had enough time to put his stamp on the program and aside from 1 good year they have been very mediocre.