Friday, September 25, 2009

Montana history and vandalisim with humor

This a guy combining down the road from where I work about two miles. Combines are cool.

It's been a while since I did a little narrative with pictures and bored you all to death so I thought that today would be as good a time as any. To begin the boredom, here are a couple of pictures of the front of my little shack. It shows the flowers in full bloom. If you remember I documented this beautification project back in June. Can anyone actually believe that I didn't kill anything? They lived. All the flowers lived!!!

I had to go to Ennis the other day for a meeting and stopped at the top of the Ennis Hill and took this picture. It's kind of hard to read but it describes the Bozeman Trail. One of these days, I'm going to take a road trip with Uncle Scott. He has a trip planned where the rules are 1) no Interstates, 2) stop and read all of these kinds of signs, and 3) no fast food or chain restaurants. I think there are a couple more but those are the important ones.

This is a picture looking back towards the southern end of the Tobacco Root Mountains. The red marks are pointing to the remains of the original Bozeman Trail. I have a better picture next.

Isn't that cool? The old road to Bannack and Virginia City.

This is Nevada City. They hung a guy here and the Montana vigilante movement was born.
The most extraordinary trial in history!!!!!!!!!!!!! Until OJ's anyway. I wonder how his hunt for the real killers is going.

Norris is a little town with a bar (whoda thunk?) and gas station. It's between Bozeman and Ennis. Someone did a nice job on this sign with some tape. It tickled my funny bone.

HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND. GO CATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


5Wood said...

Norris also has a hot springs!!! Wonder if they still have nudy night!!!1

pam said...

That is my kind of road trip -- Now I have to read up on that trial too! Glad your flowers made it through the growing season!

Uncle Scott said...

George Ives was on the Yellowstone Expedition of 1863 along with Sam Hauser (Hauser Lake, etc.) and my great great great grandfather, George Smith. The trial was held outdoors in December, and the lawyer for the prosecution, Wilber Fish Sanders, later became a Senator. His statue is in the Helena Capitol building with the saying "Men, do your duty" - which is what he said when the verdict came down to hang George Ives.

kmwthay said...

awesome post! I love learning about history snippits from small town America.

Am going to read up on that trial right now!