Friday, September 11, 2009

Hannah's birthday.

None of us needs reminded of the significance of this day, but there are good stories to be associated with 9/11.

One year ago today I received a call regarding The Prodigy. His wife's water had broke and she was going into labor. Problem was she wasn't due until November 2. The air ambulance was going to fly Netters to Billings. As there was no extra room on the plane, TP was "flying low" to Billings, about a 120 mile drive. Halfway to Billings and in the only spot where he could receive cell service, he got a call telling him the wind was blowing to hard and the plane couldn't take off so Netters and child-to-be were going to the hospital in Sheridan (Wyoming). TP hits the skids, does an about face and drives 100+ MPH back to Sheridan only to miss the birth of his daughter by 10 minutes. A teeny-tiny thing of just over four pounds, she need to get to the infant ICU in Billings.

The wind subsided enough to let the air ambulance take off. Tim and baby daughter headed for Billings while mom Netters stayed behind. How often does the man spend the first night in the hospital with his child while the mother is 120 miles away?

Little Hannah was a premee and otherwise healthy but it would still be a struggle. Her first 50 days of life were spent in the ICU. TP told me "Chip, if you're going to be sick, be a baby here. The care is incredible."

Now, one year later, Hannah Bean is trying to walk, playing with her dog Maddie and being the apple of her dad's eye. She has her dad's smile and her mom's hair and showed both of their competitive spirit by battling from the ICU to be a beautiful healthy girl.

Congrats to The Prodigy and Netters and most importantly happy birthday Hannah.


Pam said...

Great post and sweet sweet grandbaby!!!!

kmwthay said...

what an excellent post. Happy birthday to sweet Hannah, and many, many more to come.

It warms a special place in my heart to hear of babies who overcome so much to lead full, healthy lives.

thanks for this.

Milk River Madman said...


Doting grandparents on both sides would be a huge understatement.


TP things I'm getting mushy in my old age.