Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Top Chef week 3

Pretty boring this week. I'm really starting to openly root against Ashely. She is a foul-mouth mean spirited bitch. No wonder she doesn't like men. Who would have her?

Some Laurine chick is talking. She's not on much. Never in the hunt on a quick fire challenge. Never in the hunt to win an elimination challenge. Never in the "pack your knives and go" bunch. Just in the middle making bland food.

Jennifer wins her second quick fire. What?! No 15 grand? That's bullshit.

The elimination challenge is to cook for 300 of our finest in the U.S. Air Force. Mike and Bryan have a sister in the Air Force so they are into it. A couple of others have family who have served as well. Making great food for 300 in a military kitchen is going to be a great challenge.

I won't get into the details of the cooking, blah, blah, hint of this, blah, blah, dab of that. Mike B is the winner and again he wins nothing. I thought this was a competition with prizes and stuff. Hmmm. Maybe I'm wrong.

Mike from Jersey was in the winners bracket as he cooked with Mike B and now is in the losers bracket. He is not a happy camper and the judges are hammering him. Preeti's pasta salad was lame, Judges are hammering her and Laurine as well who is getting a lot of air time this week. Even Padma is a little angry. Padma. Can you believe it? Maybe the Colonel chewed their collective asses for something.

Preeti is gone. Wow! Three women in the first 3 weeks. (Insert more time in the bathroom joke here) Jennifer is the only woman who can hang with the men. The others are going to start dropping as well. Despite Mike's wimpy shrimp salad, he can outcook the rest of the chicks except Jen.

Channel surfing and "Casablanca" is on. In the top 10 for best movies of all time. Do they make women like Ingrid Bergmen anymore? The last scene had Bolero playing in the background. Everyone smokes. Now some German citizens escaping the war are toasting to America. Something that the present occupants of the Whitehouse never do.

Damn it. I didn't see this on the schedule so I couldn't DVR it and it doesn't have another listing. Damn it!!

Bogey as Rick. Rick was a true man. He rigs his own roulette table to help a Bulgarian couple get enough money to leave Casablanca much to the dismay of Captain Rennault who had another idea for helping the beautiful Bulgarian get her transfer papers. Rennault to Rick upon learning of the rigged roulette game "As I suspected, you're a rank sentimentalist." One of the many classic lines from this movie.


pam said...

I missed TC this week and will have to catch up next week. somehow I don't think I missed too much.

BUT ... Casablanca. Le Sigh. That is my #1 movie and, like a good book, I get something different from it each time I see it. She loves Rick, but not as much as Victor, and Hollywood sells it wrong (my opinion) ... best movie EVER. Great movie lines. We'll always have Paris. The beginning of a beautiful friendship. Here's looking at you, kid. Play it again. Round up the usual suspects.

The Bulgarian couple actually very important to story line. Makes you realize what Elsa is up to. Big parallels between Elsa and Bulgarian wife. My husband actually had to go to Bulgaria (and the region) on business a few years ago. I couldn't quit quoting that one line .... "Oh, monsieur, things are very bad there."

TROLL Y2K said...

I liked the episode and was quite surprised that Bravo would allow something patriotic to air. Except for Ash, the contestants had good things to say about the military.

Very impressed by Jen at this point. If she doesn't give in to her fondness for Tequila etc..., she's a contender.

I am tempted to a post about her.