Friday, September 4, 2009

Tuesday Tunes on a Friday

Sometimes on a Saturday night, I'll sit by my computer with a glass of Canadian whiskey and trade IM's with my good friend Ralph. Back in the old days on a Saturday, we'd stay up late pulling CD after CD and playing each other music. "Here's one that'll take you back", the music will start and I'd say "This is a GREAT song". Well, Ralph lives in Carson City now so we don't get to do that. It's a tough go when you're best friend of 40 years, a man you talk to every few days and see 3-4 times a month has to pack up and go but that's what life does.

Well, now when we sit up late and have an adult beverage together we talk on the computer, not quite the same but better than nothing. And now we trade music over the computer which is FREAKIN AWESOME! We were up til 2 AM a couple of weeks ago and the youtubes were flying over the world wide interweb and in the morning we didn't have to put 100 CD's back in their right cases.

Ralph sent me some clips today so I thought I'd make a playlist out of them for the six people who read this mindless tripe of a blog. It's quite a variety and some old songs I haven't heard in a gazillion years.

Back in high school when Ralph made a mix tape, he called them "RG Reproductions" so that's what this playlist is entitled. Sorry Ghoulies, I couldn't find Frankie and the Knockouts but did link the video to "Sweetheart" here. Also, if you want to see Heart in their prime, check out the video for "Never" here. Man they were HOT!

Have a great weekend everyone. Heading to Billings tomorrow to play the Briarwood and separate Mike O from some of his money. It's what I do.


kmwthay said...

Most excellent Friday playlist. Midnight Train to Georiga hits my soul everytime I hear it.

Enjoy your trip to Billings.

pam said...

A couple faves of mine on this list also ... Werewolves of London (ahhh-woooooo) especially.

Ralph said...

Wow, that is the best playlist I have ever heard. My compliments to the obvious good taste of the gentleman who put this together