Thursday, May 21, 2009

Letters to the editor #3

Scott *******, the gift that keeps on giving.

A couple of weeks ago, I commented on a letter-to-the-editor in our local paper. He's back again . This guy is so stupid that he needs directions to put on his underwear. My poetic words are in blue. God this is going to be fun.

Glad you protested, but tea party ideals still wrong
I am pleased to see that there will be tea party 2.0 coming soon. That makes two of us. Perhaps this time, if they are serious about eliminating socialistic programs that increase our tax burden (did you know liberals pay taxes too? We all know you do Scott, you just want the money to go to the NEA and stem cell research ) they can propose the elimination of social security,You will get no argument from me and the vast majority of conservatives who would take the same money they are contributing, save it themselve and have more of it when they retire. Medicare, Medicaid, the earned income tax credit, etc. All of these socialist programs are a huge tax burden and have done little for our nation, right? Well they are socialists and they would have done more if mostly democrats and some moderate republicans hadn't raided the funds the last 40years.

I also recommend not using public roads or freeways (another huge tax burden) a stupid argument from a stupid manand eliminating armed forces most conservatives want more armed forces and public education at last we agree on something.. With the taxes you save, you can build your own school systems, roads, and armed forces . And I am sure that states like Texas, whose Republican governor has threatened succession over this matter taken totally out of context, but then you are a liberal and facts make your skin crawl., will stop using record amounts of our taxes for disaster relief (13 requests for federal money under Rick Perry) Just so you know how things work Scott, Texas citizens paid taxes into the relief fund so they are entitled to it as much as anyone. It not just for rebuilding below sea level shitholes like New Orleans. BTW, he's requested the money but has Barry given him any?

It was great to hear that the protesters opposed the policies of George Bush (at least for the final six months of his term) except that some of the leading voices of our local group strongly supported him very publicly throughout his presidency Virtually every person there would vote for GWB again given the gutless know-nothing candidates the dems ran.

And just so we are clear, I am not criticizing you for protesting sounds like you are, or suggesting that you should not voice your opinions. This is a fundamental right in our country. I am simply saying that you are wrong and just a bit hypocritical. Hmmmm. Liberalism. The entire ideology is based upon hypocrisy. Liberals will protect the rights of murderers but deny the rights of the unborn. Liberal leadership criticizes "tax cuts for the rich" but voted in favor of it and take advantage of every loophole they know exist when they vote for the legislation. They criticize military spending then make sure they are heavily invested in it (see both senators from California). They claim to believe in free speech but have been eroding the concept the last 20 years through PC speech and "hate speech". They want equality but endorse affirmative action. They demand tolerance but accept nothing that disagrees with their opinion. They want bipartisanship but never extend an offer. You can disagree and make your stupid points all you want Scott but to say the protesters are hypocrites when you are a liberal is the pinnacle of hypocrisy. Do us all a favor and gargle with Drano. Thanks.

Scott E. ****** Belgrade If this guy isn't the biggest wuss in 10 counties I'll kiss your ass in front of the post office and give you 10 minutes to draw a crowd.

I'm not saying this is Scott ******** but after reading his last two letters this has to to be close to an actual representation.

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