Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Richard A. Damon:Moron or Idiot? You decide.

OK, I didn't want to comment on letters in back to back days but gun control advocates are scum and this piss-ant made me so mad when I read this that I'm almost wishing he gets assaulted while is gun owning neighbor watches from across the street in amusement. Comments in blue and strong language as I am one pissed off MF. "From my cold dead hands."

Facts show gun ownership doesn’t make you safer

The opinion published April 28 in answer to Jerrold Johnson’s article regarding gun safety is ludicrous. Speaking of ludicrous, get ready for the bullshit this assclown is about to spew. The author does not correct or speak to gun control facts. I read the letter and he did speak correctly. Instead, he attacks doctors as being the source of more killing than guns. He made a true statement that said more people die as a result of doctors malpractice/poor decisions/etc than died from guns. A poor analogy that I've heard before and don't quite agree with but a factually correct statement nonetheless. Intentionally wielding a gun is not the same as making medical mistakes. Agreed, so lets stick with people who intentionally wield guns (spoiler alert, this guy doesn't do that)

The fact is that gun ownership does not make people safer. Yes it does, read John Lott's book. It has some three syllable words in it so make sure your dictionary is close by. Doctors do make medical mistakes which result in death. It is difficult to relate the two in a meaningful way unless you want to compare all causes of death, medical and non-medical.

The following facts are substantiated by unbiased research: Unbiased? Really? If it was unbiased you should have listed your source.
1) Guns are more likely involved in killing a family member than an intruder. While this may be true, most intruders will flee when a gun is presented and most people do not want to kill an intruder. The family member argument is weak as it is more than likely a domestic dispute.
2) Hostile gun display is often used in domestic abuse. Again, comparing domestic abuse to defending your home and family against an intruder is like comparing yourself to a real man. They are just two different things.
3) 30,000 deaths per year are associated with firearms. I found that the number ranges from 12,000 to 30,000. Quite a disparity. The 30,000 includes murders and suicides which 22,500 of the total. That means that 7,500 of the deaths would be termed accidental. I'd bet dollars to doughnuts that the majority of these are where guns were not kept in a safe place or were being handled improperly. More people drown each year but swimming pools are being outlawed.
4) 60,000 nonfatal firearms injuries require emergency care each year. Again, how many by people who are mishandling their firearm? How many non-fatalities from falling off a ladder? Down stairs? Medication?
5) When there is a single firearm in the home, a person is five times more likely to be unintentionally shot and killed. No shit Tom Dooley!! There's a fucking gun in the house! When a person owns a car, he/she is way more likely to be in an automobile accident as well.
6) From 1981 to 2005, firearms were used in 58 percent of suicides. Do we blame guns for people wanting to take their own life? Were the other 42 percent to afraid to pull the trigger so they did it another way? Would any of the 58 percent still be alive if they couldn't get a firearm? What does this statistic even mean? BTW, I'm not trying to make light of suicide in any way, shape or form.
7) 500,000 guns are stolen each year and half of the guns sold by high volume dealers are used in crime within two years of purchase. Umm, how do you know how many are sold by high volume dealers? did they fill out a survey or something?
8) Gun death and injuries account for $2 billion cost in medical care per year. A fraction of auto accidents. Or alcohol. Or tobacco.

Facts substantiate that gun ownership has an impact on human safety. Yes, a very positive one. Reasonable gun control would help correct these statistics. Reasonable gun control is in place. You can't fix stupid It’s a mistake to think guns make people safer; ask families that have suffered gun death or injury OK, I'll do that. You ask the ones who have been protected by showing or using a firearem in defense. You'd better get after it Richard as you have a LOT more people to talk to than I do.

Reasonable gun laws do not hinder people from owning guns again, we have them in place, they help to make our society safer. Jerrold Johnson was right If he called you a fucking buttmunch with your head up your ass, then he is right.

Richard A. Damon Bozeman I'm so glad that "men" like you weren't in charge in 1776, or 1812, or 1861 etc, etc.

I found this at "it's those with criminal records of their own who disproportionately tend to be the victims of gun crime"


TROLL Y2K said...

Part one of point 7 sounds fishy to me. The second part sounds like total horse manure. There is NO WAY that half of guns purchased from "high-volume" dealers were used in crime.

Lott has exposed a LOT of flaws in the Statistics the leftist freaks use to support their stupid gun-banning ideas. Bet he's already jumped on that "Half" number.

Milk River Madman said...


I've always maintained that if Lott's book had proven the opposite, the anti-gun crown would be pounding the pulpit with his book.