Friday, May 22, 2009

Notre Dame is a joke (like we didn't know that)

Well, you have to hand it to the most overrated football program in the history of the NCAA. At their website there is a nice profile of head numnut Charlie Weiss. Funny, how this profile has no mention of the 2007 season. Oh, they go on and on about how well they did with their powder puff schedule in 2005 and 2006 and how they went to BCS bowls where they were CRUSHED like the bug program they are, but nothing about the losing season in 2007. How many wins again? Three? Two more than they should have had. Then in 2008 they qualify for some bowl game that only 17 people tuned in to watch, won the game and thought they had won the national championship. I guess when you win your first bowl in a decade and a half you can get excited.

Excuse me but why aren't they mentioning Charlie's last two seasons? Aren't they embellishing his accomplishments just a bit? Didn't they fire George Leary for his lies? This great institution doesn't have a double standard does it? No. Not Notre Dame.

Weiss takes a much needed "nutrition" break while on a recruiting trip.

According to ND fans, who are counted as the least knowledgeable and most obnoxious in all of college football, ND had another great recruiting year. Oooooooooooooooooh. Seven wins against one of the easiest schedules in all of college football isn't out of reach this year ND fans. Get excited about playing in the Syrup Bowl in Montpelier this year. Yippee.

Notre Dame is the first school to hand out "competition" ribbons to all of their football players. Mediocrity has truly found its home in South Bend and I couldn't be happier. Another 6-6 season is just around the corner. Be proud Irish fans.

This statue of Charlie Weiss was erected to commemorate his first,and probably only, bowl win.


TROLL Y2K said...

Amen. Notre Dame and the despicable NBC network was a classic marriage of LOSERS.

I respected Lou Holtz and the ethical way he ran their football program. Everyone since has been a grade-inflating, academics-ignoring, easy-scheduling, obama-worshipping, loud-mouth blowhard.


kmwthay said...

hahahahahahaha. ugh, this is sooo funny. I can't stand Charlie Weis. And in some weird way, don't you think he could be the long lost brother of Rodney Dangerfield?

Let me weigh in here. The only reason Weis and Notre Dame did as well as they did in 05 and 06 was because of the players that were already there before he came. They weren’t his players. He's a horrible recruiter and I think the following seasons prove that.

I also can't stand Notre Dame for not being part of a conference. If they want to be independent then they should only play Conference USA schools. Even then, they would still struggle to compete.

Anyway, one of my favorite games that I went to last year was the OU/KS game. Mark Mangino is a decent dude, plus I just like him because he helped us get the National Title in 2000.

Milk River Madman said...


Would like to know why Lou was forced out. He won't say but the program has never retired.


The conference thing is biggest bone in my craw with ND. I didn't think the Jesuits were that greedy. Charlie has all the class of a $2 hooker.

kmwthay said...

i meant to add in my post that i would like to see Mark Mangino and Charlie Weis in a race from the 50 to the goal line. that would be hilarious.

pamokc said...

Being Sooner Born and Sooner Bred, and also being born during the "STREAK" -- we have to hate Notre Dame at all costs. Longest winning streak ever in college football started with Notre Dame and ended with Notre Dame (1957). If you hate them, there is no need to have a reason. ANd how does that Kmwthay know all this football stuff anyway?