Thursday, May 7, 2009

Island Belongings Part One: Music

Here's the scenario, you are going to be left on an island for one year. No worries about food or toilet paper. Both will be in abundance. You do get to bring some personal belongings but there are strings attached. Here is the first list.

Five (5) albums. The catch is this. It can't be a greatest hits, soundtrack, tribute album, etc. It has to be an album as it was released in the record stores. Something a particular artist or group did that had so many good songs that you don't lift the needle for any of them. ( Do ya like how I'm calling them albums? Kinda cool huh? Alright, they can be CD's.) Anyway those are the rules. I will make an exception for classical music lovers and if you want to bring say Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker that's fine as are Broadway original scores as those songs were written for a particular play. Let me know what you'd pack along. Here are mine in no particular order

George Thourohgood Move it on over

The Cars The Cars

AC/DC Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap

April Wine Nature of the Beast

Boston Boston

The Boston choice was the hardest for me. I really liked Hootie and Cracked Rear View or whatever it was called but I'm a 70's music guy as all of these albums will attest. Tell what you'd bring. I'll also take suggestions for a list. I think I have the basics covered (books, movies, etc) but all lists will have some rules so be prepared. Heck post em like you do on Mute Monday's and let us all know.


TROLL Y2K said...

Neutral on 1st artist. Numbers 2 and 3 are good. Never heard of Number 4. Number 5 makes me nauseous.

Given your criteria, I might go with people who ARE NOT necessarily my faves but tend to put a wide variety of styles on their albums.

I.E. I prefer The Ramones and AC/DC to The Beatles but the latter tended to have more variety. Some rockers. Some trippy weird things. Some ballads. Horns, strings, indian instruments and other stuff employed.

Stuck on an island, I'd want the variety, I think.

Milk River Madman said...


#4 is a Candadian band. I grew 50 miles from the 51st state and listened to a Canadian radio station as a yute. # 5 was a tough choice but I had to stay true to my 70's genre. Hootie would give me more variety and this list was originally composed before they released that album

pamokc said...

Oooh, I thought about this all morning and have compiled this list:

1. White Album by the Beatles. For one, it is a two-record set so would give more listening variety while stranded on an island. Plus some fave classics such as Revolution and Helter Skelter, lesser faves like Julia and I Will.

2. A U2 classic album, probably Joshua Tree, which has Where the Streets Have No Name, With You or Without You ...

3. Matchbox 20 - You or Someone Like You, which has my fave songs by them when they first came out -- Real World, Push, 3AM...

4. Moody Blues because of their complex symphony like qualities -- and I can't get that song from the TV commercial out of my head (Tuesday afternoon), but which album? I can't decide between Days of Future Passed (Nights in White Satin) or 7th Sojourn (Isn't Life Strange and I'm Just a Singer in a Rock-n-Roll band). I think I have to go with 7th Sojourn.

5. The Outlaws with Waylon, Willie, Jessie Colter, etc. For a little country rock flavor and variety of voices.

pamokc said...

Ooops, just read that I should have done this like a MM post. Oh well, maybe next time! Great choices on yours BTW. That Boston album was the thing to have in 1976, Troll probably too young and doesn't understand how totally cool and ground breaking that record was. Am just realizing that I forgot to put in some Eagles (and if I did, it would be Hotel California, for the same new, cool and groundbreaking at the time reasons)

Milk River Madman said...


Great list! Beatles White Album would make my top 15 as would Abbey Road. Not much of a U2 fan but I like MB20 and think R. Thomas is a great song writer.
7th Sojourn is the right choice IMO. Country would add some flavor as would maybe a female artist.

5Wood said...

Maybe I should buy you an Ipod as a consolation prize after I take that hat from you this year. That you you can load up 5000 songs and don't have to pick.

Milk River Madman said...


Yes by all means but me an ipod IF you win. Hell, I may just throw the match for one.

Heather Cherry said...

This was really hard and I let myself stress out far too much over it, ha! Here are my choices:

Little Big Town: The Road to Here

Shane & Shane: Psalms

Corinne Bailey Rae: Self-Titled

Brooke Fraser: Albertine

Incubus: S.C.I.E.N.C.E