Friday, May 1, 2009

Just clearing the air.

I have to clear the air on something. There is no way. NONE! That Louden Swain beats The Shute. It just doesn't happen. Vision Quest is great movie and the wrestling is great. Except at the end. Hey I have over 100 matches under my belt as a competitor and another couple of hundred as a state certified referee so I know of what I speak. The Shute was a manbeast. The kind of kid that hits puberty in kindergarten. He's a two-time undeafeted state champion who packes around logs to work out and this bird-arm boy is going to beat him? With that move? Not in this lifetime.

Here are my complaints. The Shute is coming off nine straight pins and misses an easy half at the 1:45 mark. He also doesn't get thrown in that head and arm. Ralph does (and did more times than I can count), but not The Shute.

The biggestthing is when he gets pinned. Maybe, and by maybe I mean once in a quadrillion times, he gives up that takedown to Loudan, but there is no way in hell he gets pinned. This was a great movie and the ending should have been Loudan getting a takedown at the edge of the mat as time expires. Not with The Shute giving up a cheap pin. Louden Swain couldn't have pinned one person I wrestled with that weak ass underarm clinch much less The Shute. Still, Vision Quest is still the best wrestling movie ever made. That is until I finish my script. The working title is I had to wrestle 112 because MRM was at 105: The Ghoulies Story. Its kind of lengthy. It beats calling it afterRalph's nickname, I was a wrestling guppie.


Two great things about this movie that I have to mention are Linda Fiotention, who is still scorching hot and Dahpne Zuniga who looked very attainable back then before she became an uber babe. Hard to believe they are 51 and 46 respectively. I'd still love to see both of them naked. Together would be even better. I love Fridays.

Linda (SO HOT)

Watch the clip here


delmyspuds said...

Good movie, your movie script on the other hand....... I have to admit its entertaining to watch you two argue over who was the better wrestler but both of you two have a rather inflated opinion of yourselves. I think any of the rest of the gang could have throttled you two.....together.

TROLL Y2K said...

I saw this before what's his name made the boycott list. The Ric Flair Story would be a good movie!

Woooooooooooooo! Woooooooooooo!

Milk River Madman said...


The rest of the gang pounded punkins or were in speech/drama and could in no way have throttled Ralph much less the two of us together. Our opinion is matched by our records you little shit. BTW, I'll be home next weekend so plan on golf Saturday.


Love the Nature Boy idea "Women's Pet, Men's Regret!" My all-time favorite Ric Flair comment is him telling women it would "be space mountain baby! woooooooooooo!"

Ralph said...

Listen you little f#*#. I was wrestiling varsity while you were still trying to beat out Frank Jenkins for the 1st team JV spot. So dont even go there.