Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Local Sports Update:

A loyal follower of the blog brought this to my attention and in the interest of "fair and balanced" I felt strongly compelled to post it:

Motnana Prep Scoreboard:
Chinook 50, Malta 31


Anonymous said...

Isn't Chinook a smaller classification than Malta?

MTJHAWK said...

Ouch- That had to hurt.

Milk River Madman said...

Listen fucker, there is not "fair and balanced" when it comes to the beeters.

5Wood said...

The feel good story of the year I think.

McBritt said...

During the heyday of the Malta-Chinook rivalry a win was a win. I know that Chinook is not the competitor they were, regardless of when you became a Mustang it endures.
And that win, as unbalanced as it may seem, to those outside of the Hi-Line, it made me smile when I became aware of it. And the fact that the win came from the distaff side of the Mustang makes it even sweeter.
Go M-ettes!!!