Monday, July 12, 2010

MCW - theme for 7/14/2010

Alright, I'm under the gun a little bit.  I have the LBOH this weekend.  Ralph gets here from Reno Wednesday around 2 and we are heading into camp as soon as I leave the salt mine at 5 that afternoon.  Lots of mass quantities to be consumed. 

I picked what I thought was an easy theme.  Best/favorite theme song. I am going to ban "Gonna Fly Now (Rocky's Theme)"  because at the state wrestling tournament when I was a junior they played it at the awards presentation for every weight class.  Soured me on the song so its banned.  Anything other theme song is fair game. 

I'll be up Tuesday as I'm leaving Wednesday.  I'll also have a theme for next week already.  God, I'm good under pressure.


Boxer said...

Booooooo, what will I pick???

bwahahahaha. Great idea. See you Tuesday/Wed.

savannah said...

*sigh* too many to chose from, sugar, but i'll try. seems a good diversion. xoxoxo

Princess said...

Hey Madman,
Loved your call this week...
There is music in the air over at "The Palais"
Have a great Camp!

Boxer said...

Hello! I am up with


Joanna Cake said...

Im Up! With a selection because I just couldn't choose one :)

Buzz Kill said...

I'm up over at the Buzzkill with - Pulp Fiction.

I'll be around later tonight to visit everyone.

Happy MCW!