Tuesday, July 20, 2010

21 and counting

Sunday morning with the crew.

I survived the 21st Annual Lonely Bachelors and Oppressed Husbands weekend (LBOH).  I officially began lbohing this year at about 5 PM MDT last Wednesday.  When the LBOH moves from its noun form ("when is the LBOH?") to the verb form ("God, I love lbohing!")  the party is started.  Have some other great pictures I'll post later.  Glad to be back in the blogosphere. 

Remember that MCW theme this week is "movie with the worst ending".  Its good to be back and I'll try to get caught up on everyone's stuff this week.

L t R - Frenchy and Uncle Scott, who went to HS together in Minneapolis.  Then Skeets, MRM, Ernie, and Delm, who graduated  from MALTA HIGH SCHOOL together.  This is Wednesday around midnight.


Pam said...

I wonder what the wives think of the Oppressed Husbands bit? What a great reunion though.

Meanwhile, I will be up with my movie ending clip tomorrow, it is already set to post (if it works right for a change).

Buzz Kill said...

Way too many guys ther Madman. I'm not sure I want to see more pictures. Bwahahaha

Pam - you think wives know about this? These guys were all at trade shows.

moi said...

"Oppressed husbands?" Bwahahahahaha! Who, of course, wish they were lonely bachelors, while the lonely bachelors wish they were oppressed husbands. I'm guessing the common ground is, what, beer and burgers? Looks like good times, regardless. Glad you're back.

Milk River Madman said...

Pam, its a great reunion.

BK, no gurlz aloud as the sign clearly says.

Beer, burgers, bacon, and tenderloin on Saturday night.

Milk River Madman said...

Sorry Moi, that "burger, beers, etc" was for you. I'm still only about 80%.

Boxer said...

I love this.