Wednesday, March 10, 2010

They're remaking "True Grit"

So, I was doing a little snooping today about True Grit.  Karl had asked me how the scene I posted ends as it cuts away before we see what happens.  I'm pretty sure Glen Campbell shoots Duval.  Anyway, the Coen's are remaking True Grit. Are they fucking crazy?  I don't give a rats ass what this review says.  You can't remake this movie and do better than the original.  Hollywood hasn't done it yet.  Further proof that Hollywood is full of a bunch of lazy fuck-alls.  Don't know yet if I will go.  Jeff Bridges as Rooster? Matt Damon as La Bouf? Josh Brolin as Tom Cheney?  Hmmmm, good actors all but find me a bigger bunch of wusses (the greater DC  area excluded).

I did find some videos for the auditions for Mattie Ross.  They were fun to watch.

I mean really.  Why mess with this movie?  You know what else is going to piss me off to the point of wanting to kick someone right in their wedding tackle?  Here it is.  When this movie is released, some jackass reviewer is going to be quoted as saying "better than the original" and "Bridges IS Rooster Cogburn".  I will hunt him down like gut shot mule deer and beat his eye teeth back into his uvula.  Just sayin.


Pam said...

I had heard this but am sure it will be nothing like the original. The new Sherlock Holmes version of True Grit or some such. Some things you just shouldn't mess with. But will go look for Mattie Ross auditions. I was a bit of a Mattie myself. Probably still am.

Boxer said...

It's because they truly have no idea how to write and be creative anymore. At least it's the Coen Brothers.

Anonymous said...

Yeah well I won't watch another Coen Bro film after wasting 3 hours of my time on 'No Country for Old Men."

I actually was enjoying the movie, it was interesting and then came the well the end of the film they had in the camera, they just stopped. Was like they went oh well we went passed 2.5 hours lets just speed thru and call it good. Seriously WTF?

No one in Hollywood is creative anymore....or at least willing to be creative.

Kim C

5Wood said...

I am thuroughly convinced that Hollywood and the people in it are completely out of any original Ideas. It seems like all they do any more is remake great old movies in new crappy movies.