Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Movie Clip Wednesday - Animation

Heeeeeeeeeey! Whats happening kids?  I took a few days off.  I did nothing.  I drank beer and whiskey.  Watched some March Madness and NCAA wrestling, some pool and our nation lose what was left of its financial independence.  I only turned on my computer once and really didn't miss it.  Oh, and I watched season one of "24" in almost the same amount of time as the title.  I'll get into that at another time.  Loved it but there's some stuff there that I need to bitch about.  It's who I am.

This week's theme per our great host Boxer is animation.  Boxer say's she is not a great fan of animation then went out and found an awesome post.  Me, well I love cartoons. I'm glad she is limiting this to movies because if it were open to television I'd have about a gazillion Bugs Bunny cartoons on here.  Anyway this is from Kill Bill Volume 1.  Its less than a minute but the other clips related to this scene were six minutes or longer so I played by the rules and kept it short.  Some of my lifelong friends will find it hard to believe that this movie is in my top 10.  I just find it very entertaining.  Is it the Godfather?  Hell no, but Tarantino is a master of writing dialogue.  Happy MCW!


Pam said...

This is SOOOO not Lady and The Tramp. Never seen it before, very creepy. I avoided Kill Bill because I hate Uma Thurman and think she looks like a fish (eyes on the side of her head). Inglorious Basterds? Best movie I've seen in ages.

Karl said...

Good morning MRM,

I didn't realize Kill Bill was a cartoon. Is this a remake?

Happy clip day.

BlazngScarlet said...

I do love this movie and this clip?
Tarantino has genius in him no doubt.

Happy MCW!

Boxer said...

I never saw Kill Bill either, but this is a very clever clip to use and I love it. Nice combination of animation with the cars not animated. Good pick and thanks for coming up for air from that beer and whisky to play this week!

Milk River Madman said...

Love Uma! Sorry. Love the Seinfeld where Bania finds Uma's number in the suit he bought from Kramer. "I got a date with Uma someone. Hope she's good lookin!" Classic. Haven't seen IB yet but will when it comes out on PPV.

This is a scene that they show in anime. The rest of the movie uses real people. I guess actors are kinda real. Or should I say reel people? I'm funny dammit.

Thanks for stopping. Tarantino's dialoge between characters is genius. The "tip" argument at the begging of Reservoir Dogs is as good as it gets.

Buzz Kill said...

Excellent. I actually mentioned on Blazing Scarlet's Heavy Metal clip how much it reminded me of the this clip from Kill Bill. The whole O-ren story is really well done. And for those who have never seen this movie, it's worth it just for the House of Blue Leaves scene - best samurai sword fight - EVER.

Happy MCW!