Thursday, March 4, 2010

The one where I compare Obama to Idi Amin

I have decided that from now until the end of Barry's reign of terror, that I will write at least one letter-to-the-editor per month.  I will title them like an episode of Friends.  I am far from happy at the course that this very incapabale man is leading our beloved nation.  My question is this, if he hates America so much, why does he choose to live here?  The money?  Yeah, that's it. 

The letter to which I am responding is linked here.  (Note, did have some problems with this link so it may or may not work.)

Letter is after the jump.

Bob Waters recently wrote a letter (March 4) wherein he basically states that the president gets to do whatever he wants because he won the election. As a regular reader of the opinion page, I don’t recall ever seeing Mr. Waters write a similar letter when George W. Bush was in office. Where was the letter of support for opening ANWAR? Social Security reform? The war on terrorism? After all, President Bush was elected. Twice. He passed legislation without control of the Senate his first two years of office. This is sometimes called bipartisanship. Mr. Waters is correct that we are free to vote them out of office. However, he is ignorant to how hard it is to undo the damage they have done and health care “reform” as it is being presented by this joke of a leader, will certainly ruin our future.

Our current president cares not about the wants and needs of the people of this country. He is drunk with power and void of morality. He is the biggest liar to ever hold the office. Dishonesty and hypocrisy are the cornerstones of liberalism and Obama is the master practitioner.

Obama reminds me of a leader from the 1970’s. Like this man, Obama came to power in a coup (just ask the Clinton’s). Like this man, he gave speeches where he said one thing and did the opposite. Like this man, he crippled his country and tormented its people. Like this man, he is unqualified to lead. He might not be the Last King of Scotland but he is definitely trying to become the first King of America.

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