Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Movie Clip Wednesday 3/17/10 - Uncas

Here's this week's contribution. The death of Uncas. I love this scene. The touch on his father's shoulder as he leaves to head of Magua. There is no fear in Uncas. The hand to hand fight with Magua is incredible. You can tell after the first exchange that Uncas is shocked that he's been wounded. Yet, further in and mortally wounded, he continues to fight to save Alice.

It was a tough choice as the death of Duncan and the defeat of Magua are both great scenes as well. Duncan giving his life for Cora at the end so that she can be with Hawkeye is awesome. The quickest tournaround from douchebag to super stud in movie history.

Here is the death of Uncas. Its a little bit of a montage set to the music of "Promentory" which is the best song on the soundtrack. Happy MCW.


moi said...

I've read everything James Fenimore Cooper's ever written and so was extremely wary of this movie. I ended up loving everything about it except Daniel Day Lewis. Didn't buy him for a second. Wes Studi was never more menacing, though. Happy MCW!

Boxer said...

not a blog jinx, just a movie with some great deaths. I'm with Moi - I ended up enjoying this movie, but the casting of Daniel Day Lewis was only because he was the "it" actor of the time.

However, great pick and I enjoyed your write up also.

BlazngScarlet said...

It was almost a blog jinx between us! lol

I choose very close to that scene ... Alice, the younger sister who choose death over Magua.
Actually, many of the deaths in this movie were awesome!

I agree, Lewis was unbelievable in this role.
The rest of the cast?
Wes Studi and Eric Schweig (RAWR) were totally underrated in this.

Milk River Madman said...

Moi, Boxer and Scarlett,
I've loved this movie from the beginning. Can't believe Johdi May didn't become a superstar after this. On of the things I liked best was that this movie was always in motion. Even at the fort. Wasn't that impressed with DDL but he wasn't disappointing either. That's a good poll question. Who would have made a better Hawkeye? Alan Alda will be excluded from consideration.

Karl said...

Good afternoon MRM,

This was an excellent movie as was the soundtrack. Good choice.

Buzz Kill said...

I said everything I have to say on this movie over at Scarlet's. This movie had a lot of brutal deaths in it and that stuck with me.

Happy MCW!