Friday, August 21, 2009


President Teleprompter was in Bozeman last week trying to use his snake oil salesman charm to convince people with real common sense to shorten their life span by 10 years and buy into his health care plan. As I sat at Buffalo Bump pizza and tried to listen to him studder and stammer his way answering questions that weren't rehearsed, one thing kept going through my head. PUT ON A FUCKING TIE!! For chrissakes you are the leader of the free world! This guy takes every opportunity he can to not wear a tie and roll up his sleeves. You aren't fooling anyone dipshit. You've never had a job in the private sector, you've never had a blister, you've never sweated (sweat? sweated? whatever) raking or mowing your yard so quit trying to pass yourself off as "just one of the guys".

You are the President of the United States of America. The greatest nation on earth. Hey, if you're throwing out the first pitch of the All-Star game, you can wear a polo and your wife's pants, but outside of that dress for the job. Whether or not you liked GW, he always represented himself and presented himself like the president. Hell, the guy trying to sell me a new TV at Van's looked more presidential than Barry.

Maybe if he had spent his formative years living in America and learning our culture, he would have more respect and appreciation for this office.

Hell Don Ready looks more presidential. And yes, you are damn right I'm going to this movie. Jeremy Piven is a funny MF.

Would someone just find me a rich sugar mama so I can move off continent for the next 3 1/2 years. Looks are of no importance because if she has enough money to let me live Fiji or Ireland or Madagascar, she will be hot. Trust me.


kmwthay said...

I've NEVER seen someone continue to campaign after he's already been elected. Dude! get over yourself all ready. The newness wore off a long, long time ago. pfffft.

TROLL Y2K said...

Amen. And Joe Biden is a close second as a condescending phony "regular guy".

Remember when he droned on tearfully during the debate with Palin about his conversations with the "regular working" folks at a diner? And it turned out the diner closed 20 years ago, so he couldn't have discussed Iraq, Bush,etc... there.

If a Republican told that WHOPPER of a lie, he'd be crucified. Most of the media didn't even report it. Those that did called it a "harmless gaffe".

pam said...

Agree 100%. But respect for the office died in Bill Clinton's tenure unfortunately.