Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Every day is casual Friday in the Obama Whitehouse

On Monday, the current President announced he would keep the current head of the Fed for another four years. He made the announcement and held a press conference. Both Barry and Ben look like they just finished their fourth martini's, threw on a jacket and decided to speak to the press.
From Yahoo! " "Both he and Bernanke sported the open-collar look." Or as it's more commonly known, I'm a lazy ass. Honestly, how far are we from seeing the President at a press conference in zubaz and a t-shirt with a pack of PallMall menthols rolled up in his sleeve? I'm guessing Christmas.

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kmwthay said...

It's like he's so blasé about being President, as if it's just some ole job he'll try out.

Where is the respect for the position? Where is the dignity of our country headed? I'm afraid to look.