Wednesday, April 15, 2009

It was 70 degrees Sunday

The view from my office window.

The drive to work.

So, it was 70 degrees here in Bozeman on Sunday. I of course was in Sheridan losing my retirement and a 20 year-old bottle of scotch to The Prodigy. Monday was a little breezy and it tried to snow all day yesterday. Well last night it got after it. In the quaint little village of Belgrage the snow was light and barely noticeable, here at the Salt Mine its 6 inches deep and still coming down. In Bozeman proper word is that its over a foot deep.

Hmmmmm. Not a lot of golf this weekend I'm guessing. Might have to call T-Grek and have a rematch of the bar Olympics at Mixers. Shuffleboard, pool and Big Buck. That is after I return from Billings fleecing Schmalor, Skeets and Big Ade in poker.


5Wood said...

Wait was I in Sheridan? I don't seem to remember. Oh ya I ghosted you again. Glad to hear you are helping TP with the college fund. Next year I may just suprise myself and show up. June 13th at the Old Works if anyone wants to see the Chip Gibbs Demise. Don't forget my hat.

Milk River Madman said...

Wait a minute! You set a date for the 2009 Match for the Cap? That's just fine as karma is a bitch. You can start calling it your hat when you finally win it. I'm 4-0 baby and plan on losing anytime soon.

5Wood said...

I agree, you do "plan on losing anytime soon."

The Prodigy said...

Okay, Okay, Okay..... I've never been confused with a mediator, but I may have to attend this match! It would be nice if you could hold it closer than 6 hours from my house!