Friday, April 24, 2009

Linked up for a Friday

From screenjunkies some very bad commercials. So bad they are funny. Great local stuff. The guy in the pawn shop commercial has a world class mullet.

Cracked has a list of 6 writers who authored great novels and were basically never heard from again.

With Leather took time to reminds us how pathetic Brady Quinn looked on draft day. I remember that. It was so cool

The sports pickle has a nice piece that makes fun of college basketball players.

The Onion has a nice article about where not to go for vacation.

Over at filmdrunk they have this cool clip from a helluva movie entitled "Black Dynamite". Looks awesome!

From dumb littl man comes this nice article about taking better care of yourself.

Over at the WashingtonPost there's an article that exposes liberals for the hypocrits they are. Wait, I said liberals and hypocrits in the same sentence. Thats redundant.

This article from is a great way to help us men succeed with the ladies.

Enjoy your weekend!!

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