Saturday, April 2, 2011

What is sleep?

It's late.  Too late for me to tell you how late it is.  I can't remember a longer week in many, many years. We shot pool at 10PM in our city league tournament. More on that later.

The Titan Machinery transition team has been in Bozeman all week and on Friday we switched colors.  It seems to be a great company and the people who were out here this week were more than exceptional.  I was confident that I would remain employed but was worried in what facet.   I was also worried about some overlapping positions and whether anyone would be let go from ABC Rental.  Everyone was hired and that made me extremely happy.

I have a new position and what appears to be a huge opportunity. I have a title "Strategic Accounts Manager" but no real job description. We will see where it goes but I am happy.

 The guys at work seem happy. I'm sure over time some will go. Not happy with the change and all of that.  I really don't think things will change for the guys on the rental end. Their jobs will just flow into what Titan does.  My job is the change. It will be totally different from what I've done the last 12 years.  The thing is this, I've been wanting a change in my life. I haven't wanted to drift from being in the equipment business, just wanting something new and different.  This sale brings that.

I am a little sad though. To be wearing different team colors. I started with ABC in 1992.  Everything I have is because of the opportunities it gave me. The relationship I had with my now former boss was more than I could hope for. A generous man. I've spent many Thanksgivings at his house and if he even caught wind of any employee who was going to be alone at Thanksgiving or Christmas, he had them at his house for dinner. He would rather miss a house payment or a banknote before he would miss a payroll.  And in lean times would take a mortgage out to make sure his business stayed alive before he would ever, EVER let an employee go. He knew how much the people who worked for him relied on him and would never let them down.

With all that has transpired, I know you that have all figured out why I've been such a pisspoor blogger the last few months.  I'm not saying that I'm going to be a better one for a few weeks.  I haven't even looked at this week's MCW posts and probably won't.

As I said. I am welcoming the change and the challenge.  I'll see what I can do with it.

On a side note. My pool league team won it's division and tonight in the city tournament we won our first match.  I didn't lose  a game and was the guy who closed our match out. And yes, I am absolutely bragging. I shot great pool tonight.  Willie Masconi? Meet MRM.

Safe journeys,



wingaling said...

Congratulations SAM!
Change is good; you're good.
Love ya, L

Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree more about our boss, gave me a job when I needed one and won my loyalty with his actions and not by what he paid me in salary and that loyalty will continue.
I too am optimistic about the future and opportunity's to be had with titan.
signed this guy at work

Milk River Madman said...

Thanks L!

Thank you as well Walter. Things will be good all around for you as well. Despite your advanced age.

Boxer said...

it sounds like your job will be finding new business? Or helping to keep current business during the transition? As I've said before, a new owner would be insane not to keep you. Still, I understand how the change has made you both happy and sad. Not everything that's good for us, feels good at first. Or, that's why my boxing coach says.

You'll be back for MCW? The theme is PARTY!

moi said...

Your life sounds like it's about to get interesting and I'm happy for you. But, also, pissed. That you have not informed us of what happened with the G-I-R-L. Gossip, man, I need gossip!

Milk River Madman said...


Things look good. We will wait and see.


I will report when there is news. Patience. I love to gossip. I could tell you that she thinks I'm hotter than a whore house on nickel night but mixed company and all I don't think that language would be appropriate.

Boxer said...

where's the "Like" button for your comment to Moi and are you playing in MCW this week?