Thursday, April 28, 2011

I guess I could have slept in my truck.

It's not Heather's fault.  She did what she could on short notice.  After the buyout (it's easier to spell than acquisition) my boss told me to have Heather get me a room in Williston.  Williston is in the heart of the Bakken Formation and it's where things are really happening. When you're in Williston you're "Rockin the Bakken" and yes they rhyme. Heather booked me in a hotel called The Vegas.  It was new and fancy before any of us were born, except for maybe Buzz or certainly Karl.  Hey, it was a place to stay.

Meeting the crew in Williston was great. Heather decided to call me "Munk".  As in "Chip"munk.  She should really be calling me "Monk" as that is the life I've been living if you know what I mean.

It's hard to describe The Vegas.  I've stayed in a lot of motels/hotels in my life and I've had a hard time finding one that was worse than this place. I was in a "non-smoking" room. There weren't any ashtrays but plenty of cigarette burns in the floor.  The sheets felt like sleeping in the bottom floor of someone from "Hoarders".  Most places, at least the sheets are crisp.  Not here. Not by a looooong ways.  A rowdy place where there was much revelling late into the evening.  Kind of like the apartment that Michael J. Fox had in "The Secret of My Success" only not as clean.

After the second night, the fleas began to accept me as one of their own and quit biting. There's a cure for the plague right? RIGHT! THERE'S A CURE!? FOR THE LOVE OF GOD SOMEONE TELL ME THERE'S A CURE!!

The blotches are starting to fade so I don't think it's full blown plague.  Maybe just malaria or rickets. Or maybe my superior immune system just fought it off.  My immune system is intense.  I've only missed one day of work in 19 years. ONE!  Now I have personal days. How sweet is that? Pretty sweet!

I'm home safe and sound. It will be the seventh time I've slept in my bed in 21 days.  Half the time I've been away has been for fun and half for work, but still a long time.  I told Eric tonight I can't remember the last time in the past five years I've driven over 400 miles in a day and I'ved done it four times in the last three weeks.  Yet I'm enjoying the challenge and the people. Titan bought me a brand new 2011 Dodge Ram with a 5.7 litre Hemi and it drives like a dream.  When I'm on a two lane and want to pass a car, baby, I pass it like I'm shot out of a gun.

Having fun kids. Missing all of you.  It will take an adjustment to get back in the swing, but I will make it.

Sorry Chickory, no pictures but I'm bringing my camera from here on out. Lots from the road as I'm driving so don't get your hopes up but there will be some.

I'm going to be putting some miles on this year so pray for good travel as I know you will.

Safe journeys to all of you in the meantime.


PS  Just happened to stay in Billings last night and whatshername from Sheridan was in town for a conference so we had dinner. An unexpected second date. God loves me.


Buzz Kill said...

I have one word for you my friend - Marriott. They're everywhere and I've never had a bad stay in any of them. I bet that Ram will pass everything on the highway - except a gas station. Bwahahaha

Did you say 2nd date? Madman, you're on your way.

Boxer said...

agghghghghg. I hate bad hotels as much as I hate germs. aghghgghghh. This gave me the shudders just reading. I hope you went home and sprayed yourself with bleach.

However, on a happier note... second date!!!

Karl said...

Good afternoon MRM,

I know you've been under a lot of stress so I'll let you slide on the older than Karl line.

You should put a cap on that pick up and set it up as standby quarters. That's one thing about traveling there's not always a Marriott around and the person making the reservations, really doesn't know what a places like. I've found it sometimes better to sleep in your truck. I can remember staying in places where we slept in rotation, so that someone could keep watch on the equipment and the trucks.

At 400 miles a day, a Cessna 185 might be a better ride. You drive safe.

Your Hero said...

Tell her you want a room at the El Rancho. Good food, a bar and you can play pull tabs.

Milk River Madman said...

I don't think there is a Marriott in Williston and the town is so hoppin right now that if you don't book at least 6 weeks out, you're in a bad way. Like I was. I love the comment about the Ram. It said 19 mpg on the highway. Yeah right. I haven't set the cruise over 75 and I'm still getting 14 to 15.

Even the water felt dirty. Like it was recycled.

I almost snorted cottage cheese through my nose. Good one.

The VP called tonight and wants me there weekly or pretty often for the next few weeks or until they find a sales guy for that territory. I told him that accommadations were tough to come by. He told me he is going to buy a trailerhouse for me to live in. I'm thrilled. Lots of dough to be made and I'll go get mine before they find a new guy for the territory. I won't lie. I hope they find one soon, but in the meantime, I'll do what I have to. I'm having an absolute ball so far.

Is that you? I played some pull tabs on Monday.

Anonymous said...

Was the manager's alleged name "Patel" or haven't they invaded Montana yet?

Your Hero said...

The Missouri Flats is a nice place also. The vegas is about the worse there