Monday, March 14, 2011

Haiku Monday "Pulchritude"

A dictionary
So I could write this haiku
Of course, Diane Lane

I may have issues.  


Anonymous said...

You may indeed. But very fine haiku.

Buzz Kill said...

Not much of a haiku but I love that picture. Bwahahaha You and Moi nailed the visuals today.

K9 said...

movie unfaithful
cautionary tale of lust
she deserved prize

nice haiku to ms lane.

happy HM

my entry is here

fishy said...

You may have issues?
Naw, she is a fine example of the chosen word. Frankly, I appreciate a man with some gray hairs is not putting up images of twenty somethings.

Gere killed for her sin,
Unfaithful to teachings of
Sharing other cheeks

Boxer said...

oh, she's pretty.