Friday, January 27, 2012

Just muddling through.

Life is great. A few thoughts.

We are in for another term of Barry and it will put this great nation on a path from which we will never recover. So sad.

Sometimes the best deals are the ones you don't get. More on that at another time.

Always tell the truth. Even it if hurts someone.  Just one lie can ruin you.  Not to say that I told a lie and am in trouble.  I can't help but tell the truth. I might be more diplomatic at times than others, but an honest answer is what you will get.  I might have told this story before (I'm almost sure I have) but I had a female salesperson in my office one day. A very bright woman, very forward and ten years older than me. She was really trying to push this radio package on me.  I looked it over and said we would pass. She said to me "Chip, do I intimidate you?" I looked back at her and said "Kay, I'm only intimidated by women I'm sleeping with." She laughed, but it was an honest answer.

Buzz, is the lawyer a public defender or private practice? If the former, than yes, I make more money than him. If the latter, is he a partner in the firm? Then I can answer that question. Honestly.

Keep a hard eye on the environmental movement.  Their number one enemy is the agriculture industry. They are constantly attacking grazing rights, how big farms are, etc. Where the fuck do they think their food comes from? Safeway? The IGA? I would like to go to some enviro meeting and pull out a flip recorder and have someone tell me I can't record them. I would say "it's a public meeting isn't it?" I want some tree hugging puke to try to take my recorder. Please God, make this happen.

I'm thinking about getting a dog again. This time it will be dogs. I won't have one to leave alone in the day. If I do it again. I'll get two so they aren't lonely when I'm away. Not there yet, but love dogs so much. And they would have it easy here. After all, they are people too.

I have ten guns. Five have never been shot. Someday they will be. I just like guns. Everyone should have one. They are fun. I don't hunt anymore. Well, very seldom anyway. Some pheasants with The Prodigy every now and again. It's just my right. "From my cold dead fingers."

I could post 24/7. Always have something to say. I could write a letter to the paper every day. If they would let me. Had one published today. I'm 12 of 13 on submissions. It's a good average.  I suppose the one they didn't publish had something to do with me calling John Kerry "a former dope smoker who was awarded a medal for shooting a 12 year old in the back on a saipan" but really who knows?

377 days left in my fourties.

I don't like having to wear reading glasses. They help a little. I can still read the paper or a book but it's easier with them. I can't thread a fishing line through a hook or read washing labels. I suppose there are worse things.

Don't have much else to say. Just wanted to share some things. Going to youtube.

Safe journeys,



moi said...

Re: Telling the truth.

One of my girlfriends says the No. 1 thing she's looking for in a man is honesty. I told her, no, no you're NOT. What you're looking for is DIPLOMACY. There's a difference.

I.e.: "Do these jeans make my ass look fat?"

The "honest" answer: "Well, now that you mention it . . . "

The "diplomatic" answer: "Hmmm . . . I don't know, but they do make your legs look a mile long."

See the difference there?

Milk River Madman said...

I do see the difference. Like the use of "I.e". You're a gem.