Friday, January 13, 2012

A good story

I first met Jason McEndoo several years ago. He is the offensive line coach for my beloved Bobcats.  As the new guy on the staff, Jason was the liaison between MSU and ABC Rental. We donated equipment to the team for filming and whatnot.  I immediately liked him. This was over ten years ago.  He lived in my subdivision and I helped him build his fence.

If you follow sports, you know about Ryan Leaf.  He is a Montana boy (from Great Falls). He played for Washington State and was runner up in the Heisman his senior year. At the NFL level, he wasn't good. He sucked and was a douche bag of a teammate. I met Ryan in Bozeman three or four years ago and was not impressed. He was busted for drugs, went through rehab and seems to be turning his life around.

In 2010 Montana State played Washington State, a game we should have won. Before the game, Leaf posted this great article about Jason. I know Jason well enough to call him a friend.  His wife is a spectacular person.  Two years ago, he gave the keynote speech at the Malta Athletic Club's annual banquet.  Every one in Malta loves him. I had know idea about this tragedy.

Read this and it will warm your heart. Ryan Leaf did a remarkable job in writing this.

Oh, and for the record, Jason was named the Assistant Coach of the Year for the FCS, the football level we play in (formally Division I-AA, which I still call it. Saying "FCS" is Gary without the "r".)

If you're keeping score at home (and I know your are) this is three posts in 24 hours. Don't get your hopes up. And for the record, no videos. Seems like old times here in the Gallatin Valley.

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Anonymous said...

It's a nice article, but I'm not sure dumb thug Ryan Leaf wrote any of it.