Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Grizwagon "Dash Cam"

Well here's a little slice of life from southwest Montana.  We had a pretty nice storm blow in yesterday afternoon so I took four videos with my old Kodak.  Two of a couple of legs of my journey home last night and then two of my trip in this morning. I just set the camera on the dash and let it do the work.  I even have some commentary along the way.  Proof positive that I have a voice for blogging. This first video is right after I turned onto Love Lane.  It really looks like I'm going fast than I am.  Travel speed on the first two videos is 30-35 mph.

This is after I turned onto Alaska Road. This is a detour route for some road construction on Valley Center.  Usually I would take Love to Baxter Lane then to Jackrabbit Lane.  Today I took Love to Alaska.  Jackrabbit can be quite congested this time of night and people drive pretty stupid.  Everyone is in a big ass hurry

This is on the way to work this morning.  Jackrabbit to Baxter to Love Lane.  This one is a little bit long because I turned up the radio so this video has its own little soundtrack.

This is the last leg of the journey.  Just a good view of how bad the roads were.  It was what I expected.


moi said...

This cracked me up. At times you sound just like Bill Murray :o). And I'd love to see what would result if you, Boxer, and Chickory collaborated on a video.

Karl said...

A good afternoon Madman,

As I can see it now:

Police officer: so how'd you wreck your truck into this tree?

MRM: well...officer you see it was like this, I was making a video for my blogger friends and the camera slid off the dashboard. And while I was trying to pick it up I veered off of the side of the road. And that's when I hit the tree. Luckily I missed my best customers forklift.

Police officer: Please step out of the truck and I'd like you to blow into this little balloon.

They were very entertaining, but you and chickory really need mount your cameras. Hell believe it or not, I'd miss you.

Milk River Madman said...

I really wish I hadn't drank all that cough syrup this morning.

Not to worry. If it wasn't right where I reached, the remainder of the video would have been shot from my floor boards.

moi said...

"But officer, it's ART!"