Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Movie Clip Wednesday 5/5/10

Our glorious host Boxer has chosen "worst casting" as this weeks theme. I really like MCW except that I can seldom, if ever find the appropriate clip.  As soon as I saw this week's theme I immediately went to "anything that has starred Keanu Reeves except Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure".   Then I said "no, definate blog jinx."  So then I went back in my mental archives.  Back to the days when I went to the movies every week.  Not like now. Now, I pull up to the "cineplex",  look at the marquee, get out of my truck and walk to the back where I open up my endgate and then slam it on my hand.  It's less painful than watching almost any of the crap that Hollywood is putting out.  Anyway, I remember watching Darkman with Liam Neeson and Larry Drake.  You may remember Drake playing President Obama a mentally challenged office worker on L.A. Law in the 1980's.  It's a roll he won two Emmy's for. Drake played the bad guy in Darkman. I remember watching that movie and just saying to myself "how did Benny get to be so mean?"  But as luck (bad of course) would have it I couldn't find a clip of Drake in this roll. 

I then went back to Reeves.  A close second was the kid who played Annikan Skywalker in Star Wars Episode 1: Two Hours of your life you won't get back.  Then I thought, "it's not his fault that Lucas is a cheap, fat bastard who didn't want to pay money for some real talent" and left the kid alone.   Anyway, here's a random Keanu Reeves clip.  The thing about this clip is that the editing was excellent.  You can't even see the strings.

This is a really great scene because Reeves doesn't have any dialogue until the end.  Happy MCW.


moi said...

This entire post made me laugh until I had to pee. Slamming your hand in the endgate—priceless! There was a time in college when I went to the local art house 2-3 times a week and nearly every film I saw—retro or recent—was awesome. Now, I can count on one hand the number of passably watchable films I see in a year.

As for Keanu, bless him, he's so pretty. But his entire film career is one big miscast.

CT said...

Pretty sure your description of your pre-selection thought processes will be the funniest thing I read this week. Maybe this month. Well Done!

Happy MCW.

Boxer said...

bwahahahah - I used to see movies in the theater weekly too, but now with my dislike for the general public who treat theaters like their living rooms(talking, children at R-rated movies and cell phones) I stay away.

I never understood this movie at all, but being female.... Keanu is on my list with Johnny Depp. *pretty* (sorry)

Great pick and really great write up.

Pam said...

Kymmie and I are supposed to go to the movies on Sunday for Mothers Day and there is absolutely nothing on that I want to see. I totally agree. Except that we love Keanu in "The Replacements". But at least he has done a few things, as opposed to that other kid in "Bill & Ted" .... I am totally with Boxer about hating to go to the theater because people treat it like their living room. We wait for things to come on the U-verse pay-per-view.

Milk River Madman said...

Moi, just think if Keanu and Steve Buschemi's talent. Or vice versa.

CT, thanks.

Boxer, I don't have patience anymore for that as well. That and the $15 for a movie and popcorn. Thats four Crown's on a Thursday. Money much better spent and more enjoyed.

Pam, the only thing I really want to see is "The Losers" except I'm sure its just a bunch of explosions. All these guys do anymore is stand in front of a "green screne". Pathetic.

All - went to "Clash of the Titans" a couple of weeks ago. HATED IT!!! This is why I don't go to the movies. No acting, poor dialogue, shtty story line. It was a piece of crap. Just sayin. Really looking forward to that Coen Brothers remake of "True Grit" **chokes back puke**

Heff said...

Great choice !

You've got a good sense of humor, man !

Milk River Madman said...

Heff, thank you sir.

Buzz Kill said...

I actually mentioned Reeves in my entry so it must be true. bwahahaha Bill and Ted is a funny movie but that's about all the range he has. And the original Clash of the Titans featured Harry Hamlin, another LA Law alumnus (I loved that show BTW). Great choice and I loved the "You can't even see the strings." comment.

Happy MCW!

Milk River Madman said...

BK, I'm not going to lie. The " can't see the strings" is fucking funny. If you don't think so then get the hell out of here. Thanks for reading and happy MCW.

Kymical Reactions said...

you are so freaking funny. And I agree with you about Keanu Reeves. Happy MCW Madman.