Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I gues there is always next year.

It's been since Saturday since my beloved Bobcats fell to the minions of hell from armpit of Montana.  I've anguished long enough.  I knew the griz were better than the Cats and thought my alma mater would do well to be within 10 points, but having watched the game the Cats were much closer talent wise than I thought.  The griz have a slight edge at the skill positions.  There receivers do a better job of catching and holding onto the ball and their QB is more accurate than MSU's.  However, the difference in this game was not in the players but on the sidelines.  The griz and a better game plan for us offensively than MSU did for them. 

Why the Cats didn't run the ball more is anyone's guess.  My opinion is that Mason could have went for 150 yards if they had kept giving him the ball.  The Cats shut down Mariani receiving and Reynolds rushing but Mariani had 80 yards in punt returns.  Putting Iddins in at QB to start the second quarter was just plain stupid.

Coach Ash needs to get more aggressive and have more confidence in his running game.  If he had stuck with Mason the passing game was there for the taking.  Instead, he ran the same 5-6 passing plays and the griz were there waiting.

It will be a long winter, longer if the griz win the national championship.  Bobby Hauck is still a prick, but he's a good football coach.  I will be rooting my ass off for South Dakota State on Saturday.  I ask you all to do the same.


Tanaya said...

I hate that we always have to hang our hat on "Maybe next year..." Our offense is hit or miss on their best day. Thank goodness for the defense.

Anonymous said...

Chip...I agree! The Iddins in the 2nd Q was the dumbest move of the game...followed by leaving him in the WHOLE quarter.

As I stood there at the end, I really believe it cost us more than because we could not exploit their secondary, nor could we get a rythym going.

Oh well as you can see from last weekend it wouldn't have mattered if we had scored 48 pts on them.

Kim C