Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Cat/griz game post one

The biggest rivalry in all of college football is taking place this weekend in Bozeman. The Montata State Fighting Bobcats versus the liberal arts school from down the road grizzlies.

Just a quick post.  The Cats have to play flawless football to win this. It goes without saying that the Cats can't have any turnovers.  Here's my quick game synopsis.  The Cats have to hole Mariani to six catches or less. He's going to have one big catch but they can't let him catch more than six. While we are talking about Mariani, they can't let him have a big punt return. The guy is a stud but they can't let him break anything big on a return.  Hold their first team all-conference running back, Chase Reynolds, to 100-110 yards. If all this happens, then The Cats could pull this out and maybe make the playoffs.

More on this later in the week.

Go Cats!

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