Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Random thoughts #14 and one year of nothing

Things I thought of while wondering what goes through a dog's mind.

Wow. What a difference a year makes. I started this mindless drivel a year ago. Somehow I was found on the ol' blogosphere and now here we are.

This thing was started so I could post about Bobcat football for the faithful here in Bozeman and now I'm being read by over 20 people nation wide. Lookout Deadspin and The Onion, you are in my sights.

I would love to do this full time but I'm not wealthy and my job gets in the way, despite this I'm still having fun.

I still like watching cartoons. Family Guy, King of the Hill, The Simpsons. They are just funny.

Hank,"I bought this whetstone the day Bobby was born. I can't believe he is ready to sharpen his first mower blade."

Too many good quotes from the episode entitled "An officer and a gentleboy". "That boy ain't right"

Peggy "I don't know how Bobby gets his cape so wrinkled."

My beautiful dog is getting old. She's 14 but still going as hard as she can. When we used to walk, she would have the 30 feet of rope tight and go like hell. Now she's behind me most to the time. She sniffs things a lot longer than she used to. Makes you wonder about the old saying with the roses.

God I hope the Yankees win the World Series.

It's fall here in Montana. Leaves are falling, frost in the morning and snow coming soon. That means snowmobiling isn't far behind. I can't hardly wait.

I'm starting to like texting. It has its place and I'm fine with it.

"You know what us ultra liberals say when it come to children and drugs, lies are OK". That was either Harry Reid or a guy on South Park. Either way its spot on.

So in the last year I met a woman. She's from Butte. Pretty proud of that she is. I refer to her as Butte Girl or BG. She doesn't put up with my shit, thinks I'm obnoxious and won't let her dad read my blog ("he likes you, I don't know if he will if he reads it. It's like your alter ego"). I like her anyway.

Conversation between BG and me this Sunday going to pick up my sister.

Me "blah blah blah, I should put that in my blog."

BG "Your blog is kind of, uh, aggressive. Especially when it comes to the President"

Me "That's because he's a dipshit."


Me "Is that what you mean?"

BG looking at me like I am a dipshit. Point taken.

While we're on the subject. The health care plan is great. I only have one question: how are we going to pay for it. The CBO says that we can't. Montana's own Senator Assmunch, er Baucus, says that we'll tax insurance companies. Great fucking plan Max! One question, when the insurance companies and all their employees go out of business, where are we going to get the money? Waiting. Waiting. What's that Max, then we'll tax everyone? I'm all for it. Let's tax everyone including the poor which is in your bill. Hey, if they can afford two packs of Camels and a six pack of Old Mil Light a day, they can afford insurance. I'm in.

Cap and trade is up next. Let's tax the companies that provide millions of jobs right out of the U.S. They can move their plants to Mexico, Canada and Brazil. We'll all see the price of EVERTHING go up at least 20 percent, never be able to give our children the life we have and saddle them with at least a 50 percent tax increase. I'm all for that to. I have enough money to move to Ireland and live like a king until I'm 60. Then, I'll move back to America and as a citizen get all the health care and retirement that these stupid lazy asses can give me. Again, I'm in.

Maybe the last two paragraphs are what BG means when she says I'm "aggressive".

I'm going to Malta next weekend to shoot a deer for BG and hunt with my brothers. If the deer are farther away then 100 yards from the truck and we can't drive to it, the deer will live another day.

I need to learn how to post a youtube video. BG won't help me. Doesn't want to contribute to the aggressiveness. "It"ll be fun" I say. Maybe she'll come around. To quote Luke Skywalker "there's good in you, I can feel it." She'll really like that. Like she liked it when I said I wanted to download "Darth Vader's theme" for her ring tone. Maybe I bring this on myself. Maybe. Nah, its not me.

Senator Lieberman has said he won't vote for the "public option" (read gov't plan) and the Dem's are already mounting a campaign against him. Hmmm, lets see. Olympia Snow voted for the bullshit Baucus bill and was given keys to heaven as a sign of bipartisanship. Joe says no way and he's cast aside as a traitor. Every republican amendment was voted down in committee. One was even ruled "out of order" and the puke from Nevada says that Republicans won't come to the table. Tell the former boxer Harry Reid I'll fight him anytime, anywhere. Bipartisanship does not exist because liberals, ie democrats, only have one objective, their way or the highway. What losers.

Was that aggressive?

Tug McGraw, Phillies pitcher, on his $75,000 salary:
Ninety percent I’ll spend on good times, women, and Irish Whiskey. The other 10 percent I’ll probably waste.”
SI, April 21, 1975….

Its been a fun year for my small but loyal following. If work didn't get in the way, I'd post much more.

To all of you, thanks for reading. Every comment makes my day. I never thought it would be this much fun.

I'll try to do better.

MRM aka Chip


pam said...

Hi MRMy! Happy blog-iversary! Very informative and random post! I don't think the blog is aggressive. She should see some of the e-mails that come through my office. However, maybe she likes aggressive ;) (waving to BG! wink wink). Happy hunting!

TROLL Y2K said...

Congrats on the blog-iversary. I'm sure you'd waste Harry Scarecrow Reid. Actually, I think your old dog could take Harry.

Tell BG that:

Extremism in defense of liberty is no vice. Moderation in combating tyranny is no virtue.

Uncle Scooty said...


How can a good NLer like you root for a team from the 'American Legion' - "they don't even play real baseball" is what I've heard from you over the years (I know, your sis is a big fan). One side note - did you ever notice how big CC Sabathia's legs are? His rear end reminds me of a '58 Buick, or any woman from Wisconsin. Congrats on keeping this thing going.

Tanaya said...

I watched Virginia Foxx from NC on c-span the other night and she made a good point..."We have a trillion dollar government deficit and we're going to put these same people in charge of our healthcare system and they're going to make it less expensive?" Uh huh.

Ree said...

Hey just so you know, I may not comment much, but I'm here!

I love Bozeman. Was only there once, and with the Practice husband, but the scenery made up for THAT. ;-)

pamokc said...

BTW, you are correct in that King of the Hill and Family Guy are just plain funny. I've recently discovered Family Guy. It is just so ... wrong. A fave King of the Hill moment is when Peggy & Bobby were trying to use actual charcoal briquets for a BBQ while Hank was out of town and had to hide them, because well, he is all about the propane, isn't he?

Milk River Madman said...

Thanks. Peggy Hill is originally from Montana. When I get the you tube figured, I'll post some of my favorite clips.

BG loved your comments

I'm in a no lose situation. If the Yankees win, then the haters are miserable. If the Phillies win, the NL proves yet again that they are as good despite not spending as much.

Its so simple. Why do people continue to think that the govt can solve a problem this big. The new local opinion writer in Wednesday's paper was spot on.

Come back and visit sometime. We'd love to have ya!

The Dart said...


You crack my ass up, and it was cracked to start.

Keep up the twisted work, I'll tell The Onion to keep their eye on you!