Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Weekend

It's Homecoming weekend here in Bozeman. I've only missed four homecomings in 25 years.  It's a big deal. The conference opener against Northern Colorado.  They were 0-11 last year and have only one win this year against a Division II school. Don't sell them short. A great quarterback and a great linebacker tandem.

That Fighting Bobcats are ranked second in the nation in the FCS. They are overranked by a few. Probably should be 8 or 9 but we will take it.

Life is good. I'm fat and happy and according to a press release this week, I'm in the majority. An article I read stated that by 2030, we will be over 50% obese as a nation. How is that going to work out with our health care?  Just sayin.

Take care.



fishy said...

Don't those hotels you stay in have fitness centers and swimming pools?

The Haiku Monday game is being hosted by new player Island Rider @
the subject is: pest or pests

Come play, you are missed!

moi said...

Watch out. I predict a day when it will be illegal to be overweight. So party while you can! Hope you are well.