Friday, December 3, 2010

Have a great weekend. Go Cats

Spent the last two nights at an avalanche awareness seminar.  It's one of the reasons I haven't been much of a blogger.  It was a great course.  The in-field training is next Sunday and I'm looking forward to it.  Anyway,  after attending classes and getting 8 inches of great snow last night I thought I'd take you all into the weekend with this awesome snowmobile video.  This will be my third season riding and it's as much fun as anything.  While we try to be safe, it is also the most dangerous activity I partake in.  We don't climb hills or "highmark". We look for big "powder parks" to just play in.  Lots of fun and virtually no danger of an avalance.  There were some interesting things that I learned though and will be even more aware of my surroundings while traveling to play. 

Three highligts to look for.  Around the :56 mark this guy is just plowing through snow in a meadow.  The first day I took out my new sled last year it was like this and it was the most fun I've had riding. At 2:57 you can see an avalanche fracture on the left of the screen.  The rider looks to his right and sees the snow wave coming.  He banks out to the left around the tree or rock formation (hard for me to tell) and out of the path to safety.  Textbook riding.  At 3:22 he makes a big jump and cranks the sled to his left leaving this big trail of "cold smoke". Its awesome.

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