Wednesday, November 17, 2010

CAT/griz 2010

This Saturday, the 9th oldest rivalry in all of college football will be held in The Pits of Mount Doom Missoula. It's hard to win there. Period.  A very loud place to play. Rowdy fans. Referees who are afraid to make a call against the home team and dominance by the griz over the Cats the last 25 years.  I like the Cats chances but in a rivalry, anything can happen.

Am I going to Missoula?  The answer is simply "no".  More completely though it is "Hell no".  Missoula is a shithole.  It's full of smog and hippies. Their rivers are dirty, their infrastructure was designed by retards u of m grads.  The list is endless. OK, the infrastructure thing, it wasn't designed by u of m grads.  They don't have engineering there.  MSU does, but no grads from here designed Enemaville. This is how stupid the citizens of Missoula and the surrounding area are.  There are a couple of lumber mills in Missoula and of course they are union.  So the union members all vote democrat and when the environmentalists put almost a comlete halt to the timber industry, thereby causing layoffs and closures, the union blamed Bush.  Wait, what?  Like I said.  Morons. The point is that Missoula sucks to get around in because it's a dump.  Plain and simple.  Besides, why would I want to sit with 25,000 assholes dressed in dark pink when I can sit with 100 of the finest people on God's green earth and have my glass constantly full.

Here's a little something to get the juices flowing at mid-week.  THE BRAWL OF THE WILD!! Amanda's dad and the rest of the griz better have their "A" game.

It's not that Missoula doesn't have some nice people and a couple of decent fans, it's just that in comparison to ANY other major town in Montana, it's swampland.  Get it?


Tanaya said...

I am so amped for this game, I don't even know if I can watch it. Possibly, several post 2nd grade basketball game/pre-Cat/Griz game drinks will be necessary to calm my nerves.

Milk River Madman said...

Grantree. 9AM. Be there. I'm buying. Just ask the bartenders where I'm sitting and you'll find me. GO 2ND GRADE BASKETBALL.

Pam said...

Hey not that I know anything about Montana at all, but I was e-mailing a place there last week ... about camera straps of all things. Belgrade maybe? Near you?

moi said...

Too. Much. Football. Can't breathe. Shutting . . . down . . .

We used to vay-cay in Missoula all the time when we did a lot of fly fishing. Almost moved there as a matter of fact. But you're right, it's awfully smelly.

Then we found Dillon and Ft. Benton, and those were possibilities. Then a friend who lived in Dillon called one January day to tell us it was 65 below.

Montana: lovely place to visit.

Milk River Madman said...

Pam, I actually live in the suburbs of the sprawling metropolis of Belgrade. I'd be glad to check out whatever it is you are looking at.

Moi, -65 did not happen unless it was with a wind chill. Dillon is a great town and Ft. Benton is only a couple of hours from Malta. I'd actually live in FB as I find the setting on the Missouri very scenic.

It doesn't get real cold in Bozeman. Sometimes below zero but not often. The lowest temp recorded in the lower 48 was in Montana however.

Oh, and there is no such thing as too much football.