Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Movie clip Wednesday 4/14/10

So Boxer's theme this week is a "rainy day movie" and why you would watch it on a rainy day.  My choice is "Field of Dreams".  I watch it whenever it is on as long as I am alone.  It makes me cry. It's a movie about a man who has made a mistake and wants one more chance to say he's sorry. It's about a boy and his father.  I loved my dad. We had a great relationship. I was going to type "but" but I can't .  This movie is about a man wanting to have one last catch with his dad because he didn't realize what he had until his father had passed.  I'm fortunate that I did realize what we had but I still didn't "get" him until he was gone.

When I moved to Bozeman my father was living with me after he and my mom had split. He was elderly and I moved him in with me when I bought my first house. Leaving him was the hardest thing I ever did.  He never faulted me for a minute and actually said " I can't believe you stayed this long." He was happy that I was attending Montana State and he always liked it better than u.m. Baseball was his love and when we got cable in Malta it became mine as well.  We watched hundreds of games together. He was a Yankees fan his entire life. We didn't get the Yankees in Malta but did get the Cubs so they were in his heart as well.

I went home every fall to watch a world series game with him. In August of 1994, the owners locked out the players and there was no world series that October.  I didn't go home. I would see Dad at Thanksgiving.  He died November 11th.

My small library is filled with books of politics, history of America, and the history of baseball.  I've never forgiven baseball for robbing me of one last Saturday night with my father.  In those days I could tell you every good player on every team. Today I can't even name five players on the Cincinatti Reds and their logo is tatooed on my ankle.

"Field of Dreams" is about having that one moment you missed with someone special. It's about atonement for doing something wrong.  I should have went home and still played cards and talked baseball with my Dad.  There you have it. A rainy day with my favorite movie. Just being blue on a blue day.

I couldn't find the appropriate clip so I don't have one. It's a good theme nonetheless


savannah said...

came over from boxer's for MCW! this is one of my favorite movies, so i know it. y'all's words were more moving and thoughtful than any clip would have been. thank you for a gentle reminder to appreciate what we have now before it's gone. xox

Boxer said...

I love this post, love the movie and don't care if there's no actual clip. What a great story and you sound like the kind of son any man would be proud to call his own.

TROLL Y2K said...

It's an excellent theme. And a good read as a blog post. Kudos!

Buzz Kill said...

This is a good movie and good choice with the regular season just getting under way. I can listen to James Earl Jone's talk all day. One of Ray Liotta's first movies.

Happy MCW!

Pam said...

I don't care if there is a clip or not, enjoyed hearing the story behind it. Baseball today is not what it was, and I blame steroid use. Where are the stars who are great players AND great characters (be it good or bad) ... I got nuthin for baseball much any more either. For me, Reds = Johnny Bench.

Milk River Madman said...

Thanks for stopping by. I looked for a long time for the clip at the end when he recognizes his father but alas, I couldn't find it.

I'm sure there were times I was disappointing but patience was another one of his virtures.

Thank you kind sir.

Funny, its one of my favorite James Earl Jones rolls. And the only redeaming thing about CNN is when Jones says "This....is CNN."

Agree 100%. My dad would be disgusted with the steroid thing. I NEVER would have guessed that you were a Bench fan. Not with him being an OK native and all. I have a couple of nice memorabilia plaques with Bench. He's my favorite Red as well

BigSkyFlyGuy said...

Great post....I am glad I was alone when reading it! ; )

Clinton said...

Powerful, Chip. Great post.

Anonymous said...

From your mention tonight, I had to come read ... great story.

Ralph said...

have not been to your blog in a while buddy. You know how i feel about "Field of Dreams". Great Post