Tuesday, January 19, 2010

If it aint close.....

they can't cheat!!  Liberal democrats are notorious cheaters.  The 2000 presidential election was where they really learned to hone their skills.  They tried to  do it again in 2004 but Ohio couldn't be fixed.  It wasn't close enough to challenge and John "shoot 'em in the Sanpan" Kerry conceded the election. In Minnesota enough political retards voted for Al Franken that he could challenge the election, find liberal judges who ignored the rule of law, have favorable recounts and finally exhaust his opponent's will to fight to be declared the winner.  Al Franken is a U.S. Senator. It fucking amazes me every time I think about it.  I don't know whether to get excited and say "only in America" or throw up in my mouth and say "only in America."

This leads us to Massachusetts.  As of this posting, there is still no word on early returns but here are my predictions.  If this election is to close to call, the liberal machine will do EVERYTHING in their power to cheat and steal this away.  Meanwhile, as there will be no apparent winner, the man who would be God will try to have the Senate and House pass this monstrosity of a health welfare bill.  If by God's great mercy, Scott Brown can win by a large enough margin that democrat's efforts cannot overcome him, then the future of the nation will hopefully be saved.  No health care "reform", no cap and tax, no more shit that would ruin my future, much less that of everyone under the age of 30.

Here's a question: if government takeover of the health industry was done under the guise of "we have 47 million uninsured" how come the bill in its present state still leaves over 35 million uninsured?  Call me Ishmael but 1.2 TRILLION dollars is a lot of money to spend on 12 millioin people for health care.  Just sayin.

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rr256 said...

If I plug 1.2 Trillion into my Roy Clark Big Note Calculator, and divide that by 12 million people, I get $100,000/person.

Last time I checked, that would technically place the recipients in the top 5% wage-earners in the world.

Also, I my insurance covers me, my wife, my kids. I could purchase insurance for my dog and cat and my neighbors, my neighbor's dogs, cats, and kids. I still would not come close to $100,000.

If you want to spend money, and you want to make certain kids are covered (a reasonable goal, IMHO), remake the K-12 school system so that if the kid goes to school, they get medical care (at school), food (three balanced meals with proper snacks), clothing, education, and care for 12-hours a day (seven days a week).

We would spend less money, do what poor parents cannot do today, reduce the number of emergency room visits (the most expensive), and educate kids so that we find a way out of this mess!

...just saying.