Thursday, January 14, 2010

Fourteen questions with MRM. Its what you've bee waiting for.

1) If I become a liberal, can I make disparaging comments about people of color?

2) How will health care be paid for?

3) Why does Hollywood suck?

4) How did Barry Obama graduate college?

5) Why are unions not going to be taxed under the new health care bill?  Why aren't more people upset about this?

6) A thermos keeps "hot things hot and cold things cold".  How does it know?

7) Does anyone watch Keith Olberman?  I don't mean anyone reading this, I mean anyone.  I don't know a single person who watches it.  Would it be cheaper for MSBNC to just fly 20,000 people to New York and have him give a meaningless speech every night?  (OK I stole that from Laura Ingraham.  Original thought isn't my strong suit.)

8) Where are the "shovel ready" jobs?

9) Where is Tiger Woods?

10) Does anyone have a good duck recipe?

11) Why does Barry hate American ingenuity and successful people?

12) Where are the titles to my four-wheelers?

13) Should Minnesota be kicked out of the Union for electing Al Franken?

14) Whats for dinner BG?


Pam said...

1) N/A
2) Eye teeth.
3) I’ll wait for the DVD
4) By walking across the stage?
5) This is news to me. Must investigate.
6) A thermos is smarter than climate change
7) He is the meanest spirited person I’ve ever seen. Although occasionally funny, I can’t believe more people aren’t calling him out about it. Mean, mean, mean guy.
8) In Haiti :(
9) Deep undercover. Probably with a cutie.
10) Our fave Christmas dinner. Roasted. Will see what I can find for you.
11) Can you give us a for-example?
12) In the last place you look.
13) Yes. Our Senator called him a clown.
14) I hope she cooks you something nice!

Master Basho said...

Too many questions.
Pick one or two and Master
will enlighten you.

Why Obama hates?
Part of answer found back in
ivy-covered past.

TROLL Y2K said...

11) In college, I took one elective in which the vast majority of the other students were studying SOFT MAJORS. Things like Education, Sociology, Women's Studies, etc...

The leftist (of course) Professor dedicated a LOT of class time to ranting about the fact that all those future Social Workers and Welfare Dept. Bureaucrats would be starting at lower-salaries than those earning degrees in, say, Electrical Engineering or Finance.

Perhaps naturally, this "The Market is Unfair" mentality seeped into those Sociology Majors. They were sort of a cliche on campus and developed the feeling that they were BETTER than those studying harder Majors. An inch-deep mile-wide commitment to leftist causes made them SUPERIOR to Engineering Majors. And they REALLY resented the fact that those Engineering Majors would make more money than they.

Now, if that view permeated the campus at Davidson, don't you think it was even STRONGER at Yale amongst the future Obamanation? And the record shows that nearly all of Obama's college buddies (now czars) and chicago friends (now the WH inner-circle) DID study Sociology, African-American Studies, Feminism, etc...

So, I think his college days and his time as a Chicago "community activist" were the genesis to his hatred towards succesful entreprenurial people.