Monday, January 10, 2011

Where's my abacus?

Let me see if I have this straight.  Adding a trillion dollar entitlement program to the national coifers will lower the national debt while repealing it will add to the national debt.  Repealing health care will make Medicare costs increase even though part of the money to fund health care was supposed to come from Medicare waste.  So how will it go into debt if there is all of this waste?  How can not funding a government entitlement program that isn't in existence yet add to the debt?  Why is this the only bill in the last 50 years for which we were going to be taxed for two years before it goes into effect?

Strange times indeed.


fishy said...

You are not suppose to count.
You are suppose to believe.
You are suppose to be willingly led.
You oppose taxation for a non reality
How come?
What is bothersome about this?
Just trust the bloats and hand over your 401k, your ira, your wallet and your future.

K9 said...

i cant figure it out.

Dont forget to play haiku monday - over at the dog pen. c'mon, now.

moi said...

You shouldn't worry your pretty little head over such matters. The government knows best, so you just stop all your fussing. Go shopping. Have a drink. Play some video games. Everything's going to be alright.

Boxer said...


you'll wake up the rest of the country and then you'll be in trouble.

Milk River Madman said...

I think you share some sentiments here.

Missed Haiku Monday. It's tough for me. I'm usually swampen on Monday's. Was lucky to get a post up. I'm sure you will be guided properly.

Shopping and a drink? I don't think I'm the correct gender. OK, that sounded sexist, which reminds me of a story I should post tomorrow. I do like and respect women. However, the story doesn't come off so well. Just so you know.

They are all in sound slumber. Otherwise we wouldn't be where we are.